'General Hospital' Spoilers: Tracy's Denial Continues, Hayden Confronts Finn, And Anna's Scheming Moves Ahead

General Hospital spoilers detail that Tuesday's show will bring both good news and bad news for people in Port Charles and some interesting developments are on the way. Tracy is determined to figure out the truth about Samira, as she is hesitant to accept that Samira is Edward's daughter, while Hayden is said to be facing a disappointment of some sort. GH teasers hint that the Anna, Valentin, and Nina situation will get even more intense than it's already been, and viewers have their theories about what is coming next with this trio.

Tracy has been refusing to accept that Samira is her half-sister, and she has balked at the idea of letting her take the painting to save her daughter. Laura has been stunned by Tracy's attitude, and General Hospital spoilers share that she will try to talk some sense into Quartermaine during Tuesday's episode. DNA test results are on the way, and GH teasers note that Samira is going to collapse at the mansion with Ned rushing to help her. Is Samira legitimate or is there a scheme in place to try to take advantage of Tracy?

It is known that Jane Elliot is leaving the role of Tracy this spring, and her last episode airs next week. There have been GH teasers swirling around hinting at Anthony Geary's return in conjunction with Elliot's exit, and fans would love to see Luke and Tracy share scenes together again before Jane leaves. Obviously, the Samira storyline is paving the way to Tracy's departure, and GH teasers reveal that it will all come together over the next few shows.

Anna sent Valentin a watch that she planted a device in which allows her to spy on him, and Nina realized that the watch was from Anna and that Valentin misled her about the gift. GH teasers from SheKnows Soaps share that Nina will become increasingly suspicious about the connection that the two share while Anna will be angling to learn additional information as she spies on Valentin.

Matt Cohen plays Dr. Griffin Munro on 'General Hospital'
Griffin isn't holding back on the next 'GH.' [Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]

However, GH teasers detail that Griffin will find out about the spying, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he'll try to warn Anna that this could become a very dangerous situation. Viewers have been buzzing about this storyline for a while now, with many speculating that perhaps Anna's twin, Alex, is actually in town and impersonating her sister. General Hospital spoilers hint that more details about the prior relationship with Valentin are said to emerge this week, and things will get increasingly intense. Soap Central reveals teasers indicating that Anna will use some of what she learns from her spying to her advantage, but fans know that Valentin is not someone who should be underestimated.

Hayden has been struggling over the issues with Finn, as she has strong feelings for him but insists that she cannot be with him until his addiction is behind him. GH teasers detail that Hayden and Finn will have an emotional conversation during the next episode, and Hayden is said to be left feeling disappointed. Hayden will ask Finn if he has been using again, and it looks like he will be somewhat taken aback by the question. Brad has done his best to cause trouble for Finn, but he insists that he's trying to clean up his life. Is there any hope for Hayden and Finn as a couple?

Michael and Nelle will have a conversation, as she is still trying to smooth things over with him, but he has remained resistant. General Hospital spoilers share that Michael will tell Nelle something that leads her to think that he will never forgive her, but the buzz is that something will soon nudge them back together, and it may come as a result of something Carly does. Of course, Carly has no interest in helping Nelle in any way, but GH teasers hint that her quest for revenge against Sonny may lead her to make some rash or emotional decisions that backfire on her.

'General Hospital' star Emme Rylan plays Lulu
What good news does Lulu get on Tuesday's 'GH'? [Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]

GH teasers share that Lulu and Dante will be doing some celebrating over a good development of some nature, and it seems likely that this is related to Lulu's recent visit with Charlotte that went so well. Lulu does not have custody of Charlotte yet, but she is determined to bond with the little girl and whatever news she does get has her feeling giddy and excited.

As the week progresses, GH teasers note that Ava will struggle with her guilt, and Lucy will consider telling the truth about what she knows regarding Morgan's medications. Jason is struggling to piece together the truth about the years he was gone, and how they connect with Jake's time with Helena, and General Hospital spoilers note that Nathan will start to feel impatient. Fans have a hunch that this may be related to Maxie's time away, and everybody is anxious to see Kirsten Storms return to the show.

What is the full truth about Valentin's past and will Nina be able to stay in her marriage despite her concerns? What's the good news ahead for Lulu and Dante and what happens with Tracy that leads her to bid farewell to Port Charles, seemingly for good? General Hospital spoilers hint that things will be getting juicy in the episodes ahead and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

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