'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Kirk Blames Rasheeda For Cheating, Yung Joc Gets Caught With Tommie

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta brought the drama this week with Kirk shockingly blaming Rasheeda for his extramarital affair. Plus, Yung Joc gets caught with Tommie by Karlie and one of his baby mamas.

Kirk avoids blame.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Kirk Frost has been in trouble with his wife, Rasheeda, ever since Jasmine came around saying that he had fathered her son. On the most recent episode, Kirk surprisingly blamed Rasheeda for not having sex with him enough.
"I didn't get here on my own."
Kirk was seen talking to Lil' Scrappy saying that Rasheeda would turn away from him when he tried to touch her or be sexual with her.
"We weren't having sex. I touch her and she would roll her back over. I'm not proud of what I did. It didn't come out of the blue."
Kirk has avoided taking a DNA test, which would prove once and for all whether or not he is the father of Jasmine's baby, according to Hollywood Life.

Is divorce imminent?

Frost makes it seem like he wants to work out his relationship with Rasheeda, but her mother suggested to him that he just file for divorce on last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop.When Rasheeda first asked Kirk about the alleged cheating, he lied straight to her face and said that he had never met Jasmine.

"I love Rasheeda, I love my family. You gotta realize, if you have a husband and you don't want him to stray…."

Scrappy meets up with his 'sis.'

Rasheeda also met up with Scrappy to talk about the difficult circumstances on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.
"If it's a baby involved, then some smashing had to be involved. As far as him saying it's not his kid, I'm not sure [if I believe it.] I'm not sure if I'm going to proceed forward with a divorce. We're living a part and it's hard with the kids."
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Joc gets caught at the club.

Meanwhile, Yung Joc got into some trouble of his own with the ladies. While he and Karlie Redd are not "exclusive," she definitely did not expect to hear from his baby mama, Sina, that he was also dating Tommie.

The two then concocted a plan to get Joc back.

"My name is revenge."
Karlie Redd, Sina, and Melissa Scott rolled up to Yung Joc's stand-up comedy performance to see him and Tommie together in the flesh.

Tommie was accompanied by her friend, Lovely Mimi, who was more than happy to get involved in the fight. Mimi, who was wearing a blue wig, yelled at Karlie, calling her "Grandma."

Tommie did not seem threatened by Karlie Redd and Sina Bina showing up to crash their evening.

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Karlie Redd ended up tossing out single dollar bills at Tommie and security broke up the group, ending the fight.What do you think about Kirk blaming Rasheeda for his indiscretions on Love & Hop Hop Atlanta?

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