Bethenny Frankel's Nude Film Puts Her In Good Company, And Ramona Singer In A Bad Light

The latest episode of RHONY certainly stoked the attitudes of people about actresses doing nude scenes. In a recent episode of the reality series, Ramona Singer asked Bethenny Frankel about nude scenes she did in a film 23 years ago.

In the episode, Bethenny Frankel, Ramona Singer, Luann D'Agostino, Dorinda Medley, and Carole Radziwill were eating at a restaurant and Ramona, in a not very subtle fashion, asks Bethenny if anybody had approached Frankel's 6-year-old daughter about a nude scene Bethenny did in a film called Hollywood Hills.

The perplexed looking Bethenny didn't seem to understand where the conversation was going, especially since the women had been talking politics just a few moments earlier. The other women also seemed to be grasping at the sudden turn of their talk. Finally, Ramona asked if anybody had approached Bethenny's daughter about the scene. Bethenny, characteristically, responded in a direct fashion and sarcastically said Diane Sawyer had walked onto the playground and asked her daughter about the film. Then in a more serious tone, she reminded Ramona her daughter is only 6.

Ramona quickly defended her question, saying kids today are "sophisticated" and said she was only concerned about the questions people might ask Bethenny's daughter.

Fans of the show didn't hesitate to chime in with their opinion of Ramona's question.

Bethenny has never tried to hide from her acting past or her scenes in the film. In numerous interviews, she has discussed her career as a fledgling actress and the roles she played.
"I was in a movie when I was trying to be an actress in L.A, I was laying topless in a scene on a rooftop — which is great because it shows that my boobs were big, which I like."
Bethenny didn't make it far as an actress, but she did go on to have a successful career in the entertainment and business industries. RHONY isn't her first reality show. She was also on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, and worked as a production assistant on Saved By The Bell. Bethenny appeared in another film, Wish Me Luck, and appeared on the TV series The Neighbors.

Bethenny Frankel wrote two books, Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting and The SkinnyGirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life. Those books led her to found the wildly popular Skinny Girl Cocktails. She later sold that company for $8 million.

Bethenny isn't the only actress who has appeared nude in films. Her film scenes are pretty tame compared to some of the scenes that some of today's A-list stars have done. She joins actresses such as Halle Berry (Monster's Ball, Swordfish), Kate Winslet (Jude, The Reader) and Anne Hathaway (Havoc).

What got to Frankel was the way Singer posed it, pulling Frankel's daughter into the conversation. She didn't feel it was in good taste to place her daughter into the conversation.

"Ramona loves to have something on someone and then to bring it up. Trying to 'gotcha' with my daughter in the same paragraph was disgusting. She's a bad person."
Ramona Singer may be a wrong person in Bethenny's eyes, but she has achieved quite a bit in her lifetime. She put herself through the famed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. At thirty, she formed her own business, RMS Fashions, Inc., and she also started a jewelry company with her ex-husband, Mario.

On Twitter, Ramona continued to defend her question and presented herself as a victim of hypocrisy. However, she admitted she could have posed the question better.

It is the little controversies like these that are keeping RHONY high in ratings. Bethenny Frankel and her nude film scene didn't make a blip in the entertainment world 23 years ago, but in today's world, it sparked a social media storm and only goes to show how profitable even failed "gotcha" moments can be to everybody involved.

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