'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Xander Shoots Brady, Kidnaps Holly And Nicole To Greece The May Sweep Scoop

Days of Our Lives fans knew that Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Brady's (Eric Martsolf) happiness was never really going to last that long, things always turn sour for Nicole Walker. The Nicole, Brady and Holly storyline will culminate in a climactic May sweep week where everything goes so wrong for this newly formed family.

Do not continue to read unless you want to know the finer details of what happens in the following weeks on this long-running NBC soap opera.

Nicole and Brady Make Soul Connecting Love

According to Eric Martsolf in the latest issue of the Soap Opera Digest, that when Nicole and Brady finally do make love, it's not the hot, steamy scene that we normally would expect.
"It's not a traditional, stereotypical hand to the candle, fingernails up the back, love scene. This is more. The writers wanted to show the connection between these two people's hearts as opposed to their bodies. It's more two minds coming together and meeting in the same place. It's more a connection between the eyes than anything else."
Little do the two lovebirds know that their happy family is about to be shattered to pieces because fate has a way of ruining things for them both.

Who's Hiding Behind That Mask?

Let us do a little bit of a recap at this point. Nicole has kidnapped her biological daughter Holly and fled with her to Canada. She and Brady have a fake marriage, and together with his son they now form a new family unit. The only thing that matters to them is that their love is real.

When a masked gunman enters their new home, Nicole and Brady's lives are at stake, and their happiness comes to an abrupt end according to TV Countdown. The gunman grabs Holly while holding Nicole and Brady at gunpoint. Brady tries to be the hero and tries to reason with the intruder, but when he removes his mask with a "Surprise," the two realize that this is no ordinary housebreaking.

According to NBC's Days of Our Lives official Twitter page, Brady and Nicole know the gunman.

Xander Back From The Dead, On A Mission Of Destruction

Xander (Paul Telfer) is Deimos's (Vincent Irizarry) nephew. Although, at this point, it is unclear whether Xander is acting on his own, or whether he is acting under instruction from Deimos, what we do know is that Deimos had lied about Xander being dead when he said he took care of him, he actually helped him get away from the law. And we also know that Deimos has been trying to find Nicole. Odds are that Deimos has been hiding Xander for a purpose such as this.

Brady tries to stop Xander and lunges towards him to grab the gun. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that they wrestle and the gun goes off. Brady has been shot!

Xander Kidnaps The Kidnapped Holly Together With Her Kidnapper Mother Nicole

In typical Days of Our Lives fashion, the plot gets thicker. Nicole anxiously tries to see if Brady is okay as he crumples to the floor, bleeding out. Days of Our Lives fans will remember that Brady has Daniel Jonas's heart, and being shot in his chest is not a good prognosis for Brady at all.

Xander will intervene and tell Nicole that she must come with him if she wants to live. Obviously, Nicole chooses to go with her baby Holly because who would leave their baby with a deranged man, and she is all Holly has to protect her. Xander effectively kidnaps the kidnapper Nicole, and Holly has now been doubly kidnapped. Days of Our Lives spoilers also reveal that it is likely that the trio will end up in Greece.

Nicole will try to escape with Holly, but her attempt will fail. In the meantime, all of Nicole's attention will be on keeping Holly safe. Eventually, they will be freed, but that will bring its own drama because Nicole is also wanted for kidnapping charges!

Brady Saved By Paul And Sonny

Paul (Christopher Sean) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) arrive at Nicole and Brady's hideaway home and discover Brady. Brady will be rushed to hospital because the bullet is dangerously close to Brady's heart. Eric Martsolf fans will be glad to know that he does survive the shooting, but there may be consequences for his health and heart following the shooting.

Will Brady and Nicole ever find love and happiness? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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