'Dance Moms' Rumors: Maddie Ziegler Is Following In Abby Lee Miller's Footsteps, Branded As A Diva By Rumors?

Maddie Ziegler originally left Dance Moms to go forth and conquer the world in her own way. However, the latest Dance Moms rumors suggest that, despite the fact that she trashes Abby Lee Miller for bringing drama into her life -- and for causing her undue stress when she was still a child -- she's now started to earn the same reputation as her erstwhile mentor once had. With reports beginning to leak out that she's a "diva" and "bossy" by her colleagues, could she find herself blacklisted before she even gets off the ground?

According to the latest Dance Moms rumors from Radar Online, Maddie's co-workers are already talking to the press about her diva-like behavior. Even though she's a good dancer, her co-workers are complaining that she treats her fellow dancers like garbage, and they're getting tired of hearing it.
""Maddie is an amazing dancer and she knows this," the insider said. "But she treats a lot of people like crap and seems to think that people should bow down to her because of who she is and what she's done."
But are these accusations unfounded, or are they based out of jealousy for the fact that Maddie is so famous and got her start on a reality show?Also according to the latest Dance Moms rumors from Refinery29, diva-like behavior or not, Maddie Ziegler has been surrounding herself with Hollywood's hottest stars. In fact, she even got a chance to meet Zac Efron!

Of course, her mother, Melissa Gisoni, went with her to meet the High School Musical star, and as is typical of moms, she embarrassed her daughter greatly.

Maddie told the story on the Harry Connick Jr. show, where she was talking to the singer-turned-American-Idol host to promote her book. She said that it happened at the Teen Choice Awards, while Maddie was still on Dance Moms.
"We were at the Teen Choice Awards for the first time and Zac Efron was up onstage and my mom screamed and said, 'Take your shirt off.'" Maddie said."
Maddie also said that out of all the celebrities she'd met, she can't seem to keep her cool around Efron because he's just so handsome. We agree, Maddie, we agree!Meanwhile, according to the latest Dance Moms rumors from People Magazine, Maddie's former mentor Abby Lee Miller is far from depressed about the fact that she's now off the show. Even though she's obviously worried about what's going to happen when she goes to jail, she doesn't miss filming the show at all.

Miller, who recently underwent weight loss surgery as she awaits her possible Federal prison sentence, went on a rant against the show when she quit a few months ago, but now, she's saying "never say never" about returning when she finishes her prison stint.

"That was it. There was a lot that went on. I don't think that [the production company] has ever been able to differentiate between my livelihood, which they think is a TV show, and my livelihood as a dance teacher with a dance studio. To me, I never know when the show is going to end. I know my dance studio is not going to end until I say it ends."
Dance Moms fans, now it's your turn to sound off: what do you think of the latest Dance Moms rumors? Do you think Maddie Ziegler is a diva?

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