Nathan Trapuzzano, Simeon Adams: Teen Killer Should Be Shot Dead, Victim's Mother Believes

On See No Evil this week, the murder case of Nathan Trapuzzano will air on Investigation Discovery. The young family man was shot dead on the streets of Indianapolis as he went for a morning walk three years ago. The killer was a teen named Simeon Adams. See No Evil tells each dramatic story by examining surveillance video that captures the victims' final moments. The See No Evil episode covering the Trapuzzano case is titled "The Long Walk Home." Law enforcement will discuss details in the case, and family members are expected to participate.

Nathan Trapuzzano was found collapsed in the parking lot of a tire shop near his home. When police arrived, they found the victim with a gunshot wound to the stomach. He was still clinging to life. In an attempt to save him, the 24-year-old man was transported to the local hospital, but he died a short time later.

Video surveillance showed that Nathan Trapuzzano was taking his daily power walk when someone ran up behind him and shot him. The case baffled detectives as they tried to identify the killer. They also struggled to find a motive in the beginning of the investigation. It was later determined that the murder was motivated by robbery.

The senseless shooting death of Nathan Trapuzzano caused grief in the community. Those who knew him say that Trapuzzano was a kind and loving man. Court records show that the math whiz and computer programmer was expecting his first child with his wife.

The investigation later swung in the direction of Simeon Adams, a 16-year-old youth. Friends and family of the victim were in shock that a juvenile was responsible for such a deliberate and heartless killing.

Trapuzzano's death touched the community so much that it sparked a conversation among residents about violence and the role that today's youths are playing in the troubling cases, the Indy Star points out.

At trial, Simeon Adams showed absolutely no remorse. The dangerous killer, whose mother is dead, even made a joke about coming home soon. Simeon Adams accepted a plea deal, which allowed him to serve more than 55 years in prison.

For Nathan Trapuzzano's family, Simeon Adams got off lightly. In an interview with Wish TV-8, Nathan Trapuzzano's mother said she believed that teen killer Simeon Adams should be shot in the street just like her son. The distressed mother also didn't believe that providing a plea deal for such a cold-blooded killer was justice.

Simeon Adams' family seemed relieved that his life was spared. Meanwhile, his deadly actions have left a grieving widow to raise his child all alone.

Unlike the victim's mother, Nathan Trapuzzano's widow has forgiven Simeon Adams because that is what Jesus would do.

Prosecutor Terry Curry made the following statement about the murder of Nathan Trapuzzano, Fox 59 reported.
"The conviction of Simeon Adams for this tragic and senseless crime was important for the entire community, as so many have grieved with the Trapuzzano family over the loss of Nathan. I commend IMPD's officers and detectives for their investigation and identification of Adams just days after the incident."
If only Nathan had known that going for his routine power walk would cost him his life, he might have chosen a different route that day. Despite the online safety tips that are provided to help keep joggers and runners safe, few tips can prevent an actual mugging or killing if a person has been targeted for attack. Sometimes bad things happen to very good people.

Watch how it all turned out by tuning into the See No Evil episode "The Long Walk Home" this Wednesday, April 26 at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. The case of Casey Crowder was covered in a previous episode of See No Evil.

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