Javi Marroquin Gets Romantic: What Does This ‘Teen Mom’ Star Have Planned?

Javi Marroquin is currently hanging out with friends, working and trying to avoid the drama that's surrounding his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry. Javi fought to keep his family together, but Kailyn had already decided that she wanted out of the relationship. She wanted to do things on her own, and she decided to leave him behind, filing for divorce while he was serving his country overseas. Moreover, just as Marroquin was devastated over losing his wife and a second child for him, he learned that Kailyn was expecting a third child with someone who he didn't know. While Javi was the one who was linked to other ladies, it sounds like none of those relationships have worked out.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now asking his Twitter followers for advice. As it turns out, he's looking for some romantic advice, and he's hoping that someone will inspire him by sharing romantic stories. Marroquin may have done some romantic things for a woman, but he's looking for someone to impress him.

"Serious question cause I wanna know. I'm always a deep thinker when at the gym. What's the craziest thing y'all did for someone you love?" Javi Marroquin tweeted this morning, asking his Teen Mom followers about some romantic gestures, adding in a separate tweet, "And I don't mean sexual. I mean like. Travel to France to find someone you wanted or almost died to save someone's life. Something like that."

While some people believed that these kinds of things only happen in movies, others actually went out of their way to do something romantic for their partners. And it sounds like his fans were more than eager to help him out with some romantic stories and answers.

"Went back to them and started over cuz I wanted them in my life so bad. It lasted 35 years," one person tweeted to Javi, while others shared romantic stories, such as, "I flew 12 hours to Malaysia to celebrate her bday," "Quit my job, & packed up my apt of 6 years & moved across the country when my bf moved for work. It was way outside my comfort zone," and "Took a 34 hour round journey through Europe to see my then bf for 2 days."

Of course, Javi Marroquin had his heart broken by his estranged wife, Kailyn Lowry. While he wanted to work on their issues, she essentially shut the door. He wanted more children, she wanted to work after getting her degree. He wanted to stay together, and she wanted to end the marriage. He wanted to work on their issues, and she wanted her freedom. Clearly, these two were not meant for one another. After Kailyn had suffered a miscarriage, Javi wanted to try again, but she said she wanted to wait a few years. So people were surprised when she announced her pregnancy about a year after deciding to split. However, because of Teen Mom 2 and the show's timeline, fans thought she had moved on way too fast.

These days, Javi Marroquin is still working for the Air Force, and it sounds like he may be trying to find a girlfriend. Moreover, maybe the stories that his followers are sharing will inspire him to get romantic with a new girl. It is possible that Marroquin wants to win back a former girlfriend, who left him behind. But it sounds like Kailyn isn't on his radar, especially now that she's pregnant with another man.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin's tweets about romance? Do you think he's trying to do something romantic to win back a girlfriend?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]