NBC's 'Powerless' Not Airing Next Two Weeks, EP Says Not Good News

NBC's Powerless is not going to air for the next two weeks, despite the original schedule. It sparks new rumors and suggestions that the show will be a 2017 casualty. EP Patrick Schumacker tweeted about the bad news to the change of schedule and admitted that it is not good news for the superhero comedy.

Powerless has not had the best of luck since it first started airing. Not only did it see a complete change of storyline before airing, but it also failed in gaining the support of its network. After a planned one-week break, NBC opted to cancel it for a second week with very little warning. It was one of the executive producers, Patrick Schumacker, who tweeted about the decision from the network to try to warn fans, according to Hidden Remote.

This unexpected two-week break led to fans taking to Twitter to share their outrage. They wanted the chance to fall in love with the quirky characters, even if the writing was full of stock one-liners and canned laughter. However, the break was followed by a mix-up in scheduling in Canada, meaning last week's episode "Emergency Punch-Up" was aired in place of "Van v. Emily: Dawn of Justice," again according to Hidden Remote.

NBC's Powerless has been on the list of shows likely to be canceled this year by a number of publications, including the Inquisitr. The lack of support from the network and not-so-unique writing and characters haven't helped matters. Now it appears that the show will not even get to run its course.

Schumacker shared with his followers that the show would be canceled for the next two weeks. He couldn't share more, except to say that he has theories, and it doesn't look good for the program. The kicker, as fans have pointed out, is that there are only two episodes left. Some hope (although are not holding their breath) that NBC will choose to air the final two episodes at a later date.

One of the upcoming episodes has former Batman Adam West. Fans have been dying to see him with the comedic cast, especially considering Powerless is set in the DC universe and Van Wayne is Batman's cousin.

If fans don't get to see the episodes live, they would like to see them available on NBC's streaming service. There is hope that the episodes will be aired in full on other streaming services should the likes of Hulu and Netflix get the rights to stream.
NBC did acknowledge that the show was never one that would do well live. The network was expecting it to pick up with the streaming audience. However, the numbers still haven't been great. This could be due to the writing, but it could also be due to the lack of support from the network. Very few trailers air throughout the week to encourage people to tune in on Thursdays.

Powerless had a very unique take to the superhero world. After years of serious, teen-aimed dramas on the CW and CBS, including Arrow and Supergirl, NBC opted for a comedic take. Originally the show was about an insurance company dealing with the damage that superheroes cause while saving the city. This was adapted before air to focus on the tech side of things, with a company creating gadgets for superheroes to use. Unfortunately, there has been more focus on the watercooler talk and office politics than the actual gadgets, disappointing some fans.

NBC is still to comment on the decision to pull Powerless off the air this week and next. There are no official reasons at the time of writing, but it doesn't look like good news for the DC parody. Schumacker has stated that it definitely isn't due to the current issues with the writer's guild, which could lead to writers striking.

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