'Bates Motel' Series Finale: Who Died And What Happened To Norman?

Bates Motel aired its series finale on Monday night, and the story of Norman Bates finally came to a shocking end. Viewers watched as all of the show's loose ends were tied up, and the fates of the fan favorite characters were revealed.

Warning: Bates Motel series finale spoilers below.

According to E! Online, Bates Motel ended with a bang, with a very fitting end for Norman. The episode picked up where the penultimate episode left off. Alex Romero had taken Norman Bates prisoner and was forcing him to take him to the spot where he had left the body of his mother, Norma Bates. Norman and Alex finally arrive at their destination, and Alex is saddened to see Norma's dead body lying in the snow. Romero immediately begins to take out his frustration by hitting Norman in the face repeatedly, but then stops in order to try and dig Norma's body out of the icy grave.

While Alex works on freeing Norma's corpse, Norman sneaks up behind him and hits him in the head. The two men struggle for a bit, but it is Norman who ends up with Alex's gun. Norman shoots his former step-father in the chest. As Romero lies in the snow dying he reminds Norman that he killed his own mother and that he'll never be able to escape from that reality. Alex then dies as Norman passes out in the snowy wooded area.

Later, Norman wakes up but seems to be in a very different time. Bates Motel viewers watch as Norman believes he is back in the time when his mother, Norma, revealed they would be moving to White Pine Bay. Essentially, Norman is reliving the events of the show's pilot episode and heads home. He even checks in a mother with her two young boys to the motel. Later, Norman is reminded of his relationship with his brother Dylan and calls him to invite him for dinner. Dylan accepts and calls his wife, Emma, to tell her a final goodbye just in case something should go terribly wrong.

Dylan arrives at the Bates Motel to find the mother and her children and warns them to leave immediately. They hurry away as Dylan heads to the house to meet up with Norman. Norman is cooking and setting the table when Dylan arrives, and he can tell his brother is in another world. Norman tells Dylan to go sit at the table with their mother, and there is Norma's dead body propped up at the table. Dylan is shocked to see his mother's corpse sitting there and vomits at the sight of her. Norman rushes to clean up the mess as Dylan tries to get through to him.

Norman tells Dylan that he can not turn himself into the police because he can't be without his mother. Dylan begs Norman to seek the help that he so very badly needs, but Norman knows that the situation can only end a certain way. Bates Motel fans watched as Norman grabs a knife and tells Dylan that this is how it will all end. Dylan tries to talk his brother down, reminding him that he has a daughter, and then pulls out a gun to let Norman know he'll protect himself. Sadly, Norman lunges at Dylan with the knife and Dylan shoots his brother in the stomach. Dylan holds Norman's body as he bleeds out, but Norman is happy. As he slips further from life, he gets closer to Norma. "Thank you" is the last thing he says to Dylan before he dies and is reunited with Norma for good.

Later, Norman and Norma's headstones are revealed as Dylan and Emma are seen raising their daughter together. A daughter with beautiful blond hair like her grandmother, Norma.

What did you think of the Bates Motel series finale? Were you shocked by Norman Bates' fate?

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