Judge Denies Justin Bieber’s Ex-Neighbors ‘Jew Boy Hate Crimes’ Claim Against Star For Bodyguard Remark

Justin Bieber’s former neighbors’ attempt to add a hate-crime accusation to an existing lawsuit against the superstar has been thrown out by a judge, because the Biebs did not say the anti-semitic comment “Jew boy” during an incident — his bodyguard did.

The judge dismissed the misplaced alleged “hate crime” claim against Bieber on Wednesday (April 26), after the motion was tacked on to a lawsuit previously filed by Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz, the couple whose house was egged by the singer over three years ago.

After the court ruling, Justin’s lawyer Jeremiah Reynolds said, “It is unfortunate that the Schwartzs were trying to exploit hate crime laws for personal gain. We are glad the judge denied their motion to plead these claims.”

Back in 2014, Bieber paid his ex-neighbors over $80,000 after the singer was prosecuted, charged with misdemeanor vandalism, and sentenced to two-years probation with multiple conditions which he fulfilled with flying colors.

Despite receiving that massive restitution in the egging case, the Schwartzes kept coming after Justin and subsequently claimed the “publicity surrounding the feud” ruined Jeffrey’s car sales business.

The couple filed a civil suit against the Biebs last year claiming “emotional distress and loss of income,” but then recently added a new claim alleging “a campaign of terror was waged against them.”

In new documents attempting to back up their “terror” claim, the Schwartzes’ lawyer wrote, “Threatening a man with body harm while calling him a ‘little Jew boy’ and intimidating him with ‘what are you going to do about it, Jew boy?’is a hate crime.”

In response, Justin’s lawyer slammed the added-on claim, saying that it was “preposterous” to accuse the Canadian star of an anti-semitic “hate crime” as the Schwartzes clearly admit in legal documents that the comment was made by one of Bieber’s bodyguards at the time.

It is this specific allegation that has been dismissed in the Schwarztes’ ongoing civil case against the “Love Yourself” singer claiming various alleged grievances.

In a report published yesterday, TMZ pointedly noted that calling something a “hate crime” is significant in a civil lawsuit as it raises the potential damages that can be won.

Plenty of ordinary online users weighed in on the matter, before and after the judge’s ruling.

One commenter at TMZ’s report on the case, wrote, “I find it very suspect that after all this time Justin is now being accused of a hate crime in regards to the egging.”

The online user added, “Justin might be a jerk, but he already paid restitution for it. The ex neighbor and his lawyers seem like they want to take two bites from the apple.”

Another commenter agreed, observing, “It’s very suspect. They got their money, Justin did his community service.”

The same user added, “They are wasting so much time and money. The more successful Justin becomes, the more money they want. Interesting they file this right after his new song became the #1 song in the World!”

He went on, “Then old court documents show it was his bodyguard and not Justin saying the rude remarks. Justin was a punk, but these people are just trying to milk more money.”

Justin Bieber Judge Denies Ex-Neighbors 'Jew Boy Hate Crimes' Claim For Bodyguard Remark
Judge Dismisses Former Neighbors 'Hate Crimes' Claim Against Singer Over Bodyguard Remark [Image By Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]

One user asked, “These guys sound like liars. I would think this business would have gotten publicity for being involved with the Bieber case, and Bieber clearly being in the wrong.”

The same commenter added, “Unless this guy was selling cars to a bunch of 14 year old girls. Was that his usual client base?”

Others took a different stance. One site visitor snarked, “Bieber should have been deported a long time ago.”

Post update, one commenter opined, “It was always a money grab move. Who didn’t get that? lol.”

The Justin Bieber Vs. The Schwartzes ongoing civil suit may be settled before it reaches court. Meanwhile, this ugly — and misplaced — allegation — has been cleared from the pop superstar’s name days before his spectacular Purpose World Tour touches down in Israel on May 3.

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