‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 88, 89, 90 Spoilers: Goku, Gohan, And The Universe 7 Team Prepare For Battle

After an episode full of Android 17, Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 is slated to move on to Gohan and Piccolo, who is tasked to shape up Goku’s son in less than 24 hours. Succeeding episodes, as we have learned, will also focus on Gohan and Universe 7 in their quest to win the tournament of power. But nothing will go smoothly.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 88

The title of this week’s episode, “Gohan and Piccolo, Student and Master Train To The Limit,” is pretty explanatory. Gohan is no stranger to the strength of his upcoming opponents, and he knows it will take much for him to beat them. He will turn to his master to help him recover, but will Piccolo be able to sharpen a dulled tool in such a short amount of time?

The Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 synopsis explains the situation.

“It’s essential for Gohan to make a comeback in order for Universe 7 to claim victory at the Tournament of Power! His martial arts master Piccolo aims to sharpen Gohan’s faded skills through one-on-one training, and tries to bring even more power out of him than he had in the past. And the result is…?!”

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 88, viewers will see Piccolo take Gohan on a special training. The Namekian warrior has always been teaching him, so fans are wondering if the talented Saiyan could still learn new tricks from his old master. Still, Goku trusts his friend.

As Otaku Kart suggests, what Gohan needs right now is to go back to the basics. There are many ways to win a clash, not just through sheer strength, so he must also be adaptive enough to have a favorable outcome in his future battles.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89

Next, the story will shift to his father, Goku. After easily recruiting Android 17, he’ll be visiting Master Roshi and Tien next, Comicbook reports. But he will have a harder time in persuading them, probably because of a girl named Yurin.

The Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 synopsis looks at the possibilities.

“Gokuu goes to scout Turtle Hermit, and asks Tenshinhan since he’s there as well. However, there’s some sort of trouble going on at the dojo Tenshinhan is running?!”

Described as young and beautiful, the girl might be the “trouble” in the next episode. Roshi might be too preoccupied with the beauty in front of him, or she might not be what she looks like at all.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 90

Afterward, Goku and Gohan will reunite in “Overcoming the wall! Goku x Gohan.” We don’t have the synopsis for this episode yet, which airs on May 14, but we pretty much have an idea what’s going to happen.

According to another report by Otaku Kart, the father and son may be training together once again to prepare for a massive fight ahead. The training will likely have Gohan get stronger than before and break his limits.

For now, we can expect Gohan to achieve another form. It will likely be similar to Future Trunk’s Super Saiyan Rage transformation, which is as powerful as Super Saiyan Blue. What form could Gohan take next in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 91, 92

Next up in Dragon Ball Super is called “The Mightiest Warriors Assemble,” which should refer to the Universe 7 team. We’ll pretty much see Goku, his new recruits, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Majin Buu and Krillin.

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 92, titled “All The Members Aren’t Here?,” the U7 team will miss a member or more. However, we don’t know yet who that will be.

Are you enjoying Dragon Ball Super so far? Stay tuned for more updates.

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