WWE News: 'Raw' Results Include Surprise Match Winner, Post-Match Chaos & Another Ambulance Before 'Payback'

On Monday night's WWE Raw results, a surprise winner arrived in one of the biggest matches of the evening. While the majority of the card was used to set up Sunday's Payback 2017 pay-per-view, there were also matches involving superstars not featured during the upcoming event. Among those stars was Kalisto, as the Luchador fought for his honor against big man Braun Strowman, in a dumpster match, making for some WWE Raw history.

As reported by PWTorch in their Monday WWE results, the Raw dumpster match was featured in the second hour of the program. It arrived after Matt Hardy defeated Sheamus in singles action, and the team of Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries grabbed a win over TJ Perkins and Neville for the Cruiserweight division. From there, a dumpster bin like one might find outside malls or retail stores was wheeled down to the bottom of the ramp and placed up against the ring. Strowman made his entrance first and proclaimed he would stuff Kalisto in the dumpster as if he was putting each and every audience member, and Roman Reigns, in there.

WWE Raw Braun Strowman slams Kalisto
The monstrous Braun Strowman showed no mercy against Kalisto in a dumpster match. [Image by WWE]

The match featured Kalisto trying to evade the big man as he came at him, with the Lucha wrestler throwing quick moves such as kicks to the leg, or a spinning jawbreaker. However, Braun's power soon took over as he tossed Kalisto across the ring like a rag doll. Several times, it appeared as if Strowman might quickly toss Kalisto over the top rope or push him off the apron into the dumpster. However, the little guy kept fighting back and escaping the clutches of the monstrous Strowman.

It came down to Braun pressing Kalisto overhead on the apron as if he was going to drop him into the dumpster. Once again, Kalisto escaped the big man's grasp and fell into the ring for his own safety. With Strowman still standing on the apron and the dumpster right behind him, Kalisto quickly jumped up and connected on a dropkick to Braun's legs, causing Strowman to drop back into the dumpster, still on his feet. With that, the former Luchador tag team partner of Sin Cara had defeated one of the biggest and baddest" men in all of WWE.

Unfortunately, with the victory came the wrath of Strowman. He returned to the ring full of rage only to destroy the smaller competitor, even more, tossing him around the ring and then beating him up on the outside. He eventually put Kalisto into the dumpster and closed the lids, before wheeling it up to the top of the stage. Despite warnings from referees, Strowman fastened a cinch belt across the top of the lips and shoved the dumpster off the stage.

The end result was Strowman sending another WWE superstar to the hospital. Kalisto was put onto a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance as Raw General Manager Kurt Angle watched. There was no lifting up and tipping over stunt like Strowman had done to Roman Reigns a few weeks ago. There was also no Roman Reigns on the latest episode of WWE Raw, despite earlier reports he might show up in Kansas City. The WWE featured a video package on Reigns during the show to continue the build towards Sunday's clash between him and Braun.

In other results on Raw, Sasha Banks won due to a countout of Alexa Bliss, as Bliss walked up the ramp to leave the match before Sasha could get the Bank Statement. Bayley was doing guest commentary and tried to bring Alexa back to the ring but she escaped backstage. However, the wiley "Miss Bliss" hit a sneak attack on Bayley as she returned to strike her down from behind and then took off as Sasha gave chase. Bliss takes on Bayley for the WWE Raw Women's title at Sunday's pay-per-view.

According to ProWrestling.net, Seth Rollins was to team with Enzo Amore and Big Cass to take on Samoa Joe, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson during Monday's Raw episode. The heels beat up Enzo ahead of the match, but Kurt Angle substituted in "The Demon" Finn Balor. Ultimately, Rollins decided against using The Pedigree and hit his brand new move on Anderson to get the pinfall win. The finisher involved Rollins grabbing his opponent and spinning him to face him before connecting with a knee to the face.

In the main event, Kurt Angle had booked The Miz to find a tag team partner to take on Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho. Earlier in the night, Jericho had kicked off Raw with his Highlight Reel show only for Miz and Maryse to interrupt and say his show was canceled. They set up for MizTV, only for Ambrose to arrive out and turn it into the Ambrose Asylum. The end result was Miz complaining backstage after he'd been hit by a Dirty Deeds from Ambrose.

In that main event match, Miz didn't have a partner for much of the contest. At one point, it looked like Ambrose was getting the upper hand on him as the fight went to the top of the stage. However, Bray Wyatt's sounder and screen effects hit as the arena went dark.

WWE Raw Bray Wyatt and Miz team up for main event
In the main event, The Miz had an unlikely tag team partner come to his aid, or did he? [Image by WWE]

Wyatt appeared on the announcers' table with Ambrose who he beat up on stage to help Miz. From there, he and Miz seemed to be teaming up against Jericho and Ambrose, but Wyatt is a one-man wrecking crew. He turned against The Miz too, hitting him with Sister Abigail before posing over him to close out the show.

It was certainly an interesting way to have WWE Raw go down this week with the pay-per-view on the way as it featured only some of the competitors who will appear in matches at Sunday's Payback. However, it did the job of making Strowman and Wyatt look strong for their upcoming matches against Roman Reigns and Randy Orton, respectively.

[Image by WWE]