New Hampshire 'Red Pill' Controversy: Robert Fisher Says Media Malpractice Damaged His Image

New Hampshire Republican member Robert Fisher has been accused of founding a Reddit online forum, The Red Pill, which has been criticizing the feminist culture. However, the state lawmaker has accused media of misinterpreting his words that hampered his reputation.

Although Robert Fisher admitted using words against the honor of the opposite sex, he also maintained that his ideas were wrongly interpreted by media networks. On April 24, Monday, the New Hampshire leader was reported to have created the online forum that criticized the feminist philosophy. The website apparently entailed discussions on how a woman is better than a man when it comes to picking apt mates.

Robert Fisher agreed on Tuesday that he used "some injudicious things" about women following his bad breakup. The media revelations relating to the New Hampshire representative included a 2008 post on his message board. In that post, the state lawmaker made an alleged comment on rape. In his message, he said that rape was not "an absolute bad" as it is a "quite good" experience for a rapist.

The New Hampshire representative, however, denied all the claims. He said that it was an entire misquote. "Of course rape is a horrible crime," Robert Fisher said. "That was an out-of-context quote from a nearly decade-old debate about the failings of moral relativism."

"This kind of journalistic malpractice does a disservice not only to me but to the women and men who are victimized, by perpetuating a false notion that the government doesn't care what happens to them. This discourages them from coming forward, which emboldens perpetrators to harm others."
The message board that has unveiled the alleged facts about Robert Fisher was reportedly created by the politician himself when he was in high school. The board displayed the name "Fredrickville," which seemed to prove that the New Hampshire representative was somehow linked to the controversial Reddit forum. It has apparently been reported that the personal accounts of the leader had the same name and same registered email id.

Despite so many accusations, Robert Fisher maintains his innocence while he admitted using wrong words against women at the same time. He regretted the period of his early 20s and said that he "lived through a nightmare."

On the other hand, the opposition began asking for the resignation of the New Hampshire politician as soon as the revelations were made. Young Democrats executive director Amelia Keane said that there can be no excuse that could justify the "type of hateful and ignorant rhetoric."

Despite the continuous demand for the resignation of Robert Fisher, House Speaker Shawn Jasper seemed to have a stable stand. He said that it was quite inappropriate for a state lawmaker to make such comments about women. However, he also said that the New Hampshire rep. did not break any law and hence it was unfair to demand his resignation.

"I wish he would resign. It would be the honorable thing to do under the circumstances," Jasper said while referring to Robert Fisher matter. "I would imagine that his constituents will see this information and I can only hope that this is addressed at the ballot box."

Robert Fisher, on the contrary, said that he did not intend to resign because of such claims against him. "Here's my message to the public: I am not disappearing," Robert Fisher stated via an email to a media outlet.

"I will continue to stand strong for men's rights and the rights of all, and I intend on introducing new legislation in 2018 to push back in the New Hampshire courts and finally bring relief for New Hampshire parents and citizens who face these very real but under-reported issues."
[Featured Image by Ernest Duffoo/Flickr]