'Days Of Our Lives': Billy Flynn On Emmy Nomination, His Lucky Charm, And Chad DiMera's Special Scene

Days Of Our Lives actor Billy Flynn was one of several who was nominated for an Emmy award this year. Recently, the man who portrays Chad DiMera spoke about his nomination, his lucky charm, and what scene he considers to be special. He also discussed the inspiration for the fantasy sequence with Stefano DiMera, played by the late Joseph Mascolo.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, several DOOL actors were nominated for an Emmy award this year. Billy Flynn, who has not been on the soap opera as long as some other nominees, was one of them. Not only did he get nominated, but it was in the Lead Actor category, which isn't easy to do. In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, the man who plays Chad DiMera talked about being nominated.

"I feel very lucky. As political as it can be... People have friendships from throughout the years, and I didn't. So it's just nice... And the idea that you're judged for your work, it's awesome. I'm still kind of surprised by it, but I've had a lot of support here at Days]"
In 2014, Chad DiMera resurfaced in Salem. A different actor was selected to play the part and Billy Flynn won the role. When it was first announced, fans were not sure what to think about the casting decision. Viewers tend to get attached to actors playing certain parts and many were hoping that Casey Deidrick would come back to reprise the role.Even though there was hesitation at first, fans quickly fell in love with Flynn. Now, it's hard to imagine anyone else playing Chad DiMera on Days Of Our Lives. Last year, there were several tough and emotional storylines for the character. Billy delivered impeccable and incredible performances each time.

One of those scenes was when he found out that his wife, Abigail Deveraux DiMera (formerly Kate Mansi, currently Marci Miller) died. Chad throwing everything around the den and the expressions on his face were believable. There were many viewers who felt just as traumatized as he did. The actor said that was an emotional scene and it was one of two that he submitted. The other was with Stefano DiMera.

"I picked the two scenes that meant the most to be, overall. One was with Joe Mascolo, when he comes back [in a fantasy sequence] and I sit at his feet and ask him questions. He tells me to be my own man. That was really special to me."
At the Emmy awards, Billy Flynn will be taking along a lucky charm. The actor revealed that it is his great-grandfather's watch. He explained that when doing that scene with Mascolo, that it was his great-grandfather that gave him inspiration. Flynn added that both his great-grandparents were special people who were important to him. Before his wedding, Billy's great-grandmother passed away.In addition to Flynn, other DOOL actors received Emmy nominations this year. Those include Vincent Irizarry (Deimos Kiriakis), John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis), James Reynolds (Abe Carver), and James Lastovic (Joey Johnson). Kate Mansi also received a nomination for her role as Abigail. Although Billy is excited for all of his co-stars, there were a few nominations that he was particularly fond of.
"I was thrilled for everybody, but John Aniston and James Reynolds getting nominated was just awesome. I was super-excited for them, as well as Kate Mansi and Vincent Irizarry. I think it's cool that Kate and I both got nominated, because we both put so much work into that storyline."
What do you think of Billy Flynn's Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Chad DiMera on Days Of Our Lives?

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