'Bates Motel' Season 5 Episode 10 Recap: Norman Becomes 'Psycho' In The Heartbreaking Yet Romantic Finale

The moment nearly every Bates Motel fan has been looking forward to has arrived. The fans have known that this moment was approaching and looked forward to it, yet completely dreaded saying goodbye to Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore), Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga), Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell), Dylan (Max Theiriot), and Emma (Olivia Cooke). As promised, the finale was action-packed and emotional ---and everything the Bates Motel viewers expected.

Don't read any further if you haven't seen Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 10 yet

Bates Motel Episode 10 opens with Romero in the backseat of the car with Norman and Regina driving the vehicle. Alex demands that Norman takes him to where he stashed Norma's body. He directs them to the area where Norma's frozen dead body rested. Romero orders for Regina to walk to the highway and tells her to hurry up before he changes his mind. Norman and Romero walk to where Norma's body is located. They have a scuffle, and Norman grabs a rock and hits Alex over the head a few times. Then, Norman grabs Romero's gun and shoots him dead.

According to USA Today, Norman sees his mother Norma (or is it Mother), and she tells him that he doesn't need her anymore, she is going away. Norman cries as he realizes that he killed his mother two years earlier.

Norman drifts off to sleep and has a dream that he's back at the Bates Motel with Norma. He wakes up and remembers when his mother told him they were moving across the country to Oregon to manage a motel. He packs up his mother's dead body and says, "Mother, we are home!"

Dylan met with someone he used to work with to acquire a gun for protection. He makes his way to a bar to have a drink so he can think about what he should do next. At the Bates Motel, Norman is in the office, and a car drives up. It is someone looking for a room for the night. Norman tells them, they aren't open yet, but they can accommodate them anyway.

The Bates Motel promo revealed that Norman calls his brother and tells him that he misses him. When Dylan asked where he was, he said he was at "the new house." He sounded completely lucid until Dylan asked him if he was with Romero. Norman told him, "I don't know anyone named Romero." It's clear that Norman isn't well and Dylan looked extremely concerned.

Dylan arrives at Bates Motel and makes one last phone call before he sees his brother. He calls Emma and gives her an update ---Romero kidnapped Norman, and his brother called him to see him. Of course, Emma flips out and tries to convince Dylan into calling the sheriff before going in to see Dylan. He asks her if she loves him, and she refuses to answer. He tells her he will never love anyone as he loved her. It seemed like he knew he was going to die.

Dylan bangs on Bates Motel #5 and tells the guest they have to leave now. He explains that his brother Norman is mentally ill and shouldn't have checked her in. He gives her money to get a motel down the street and walks into the house.

When Dylan arrives at the house, it's clear that Norman is completely out of touch with reality. He tells him to sit in the dining room with Mother. That's when Dylan sees Norma's body sitting at the table. Dylan begs Norman to go with him to get help. He refuses. Norman says he cannot live life heavily medicated in an institution.

Norman pulls out a knife and says that he cannot live without Mother and threatens to kill Dylan. He fired his gun, killing Norman instantly, and mother and son are reunited in death. The last scene of the series showed new owners taking over Bates Motel and Dylan with his family, happy.

The Bates Motel series finale was emotional, heartbreaking, and often funny. Did you like the ending of the critically acclaimed series?

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