Aaron Hernandez Gay Lover: Cousin Reacts To Rumors Linking Late NFL Star To 22-Year-Old Prisoner Kyle Kennedy

Aaron Hernandez reportedly left a suicide note to a rumored gay lover before committing suicide last Wednesday, and now, that man's identity has allegedly been revealed.

Following news of Hernandez's suicide notes, two of which went to his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, and his daughter, Avielle Janelle, the Daily Mail has suggested that the late athlete's alleged lover and third suicide note recipient was 22-year-old Kyle Kennedy.

"Kyle Kennedy was the last person to see the former New England Patriot alive and is now on suicide watch inside the maximum security Souza-Baranowski Corrections Center," the outlet revealed to readers on April 24, noting that Kennedy was incarcerated for a knife-point robbery at a gas station.

According to the report, Aaron Hernandez not only wrote Kennedy a suicide note, he allegedly gifted him a $50,000 watch and other items as well.

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While Kennedy has not reacted publicly to allegations of a romance with Aaron Hernandez, the Daily Mail attempted to get in contact with Kennedy's parents, who live in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, for comment. However, after arriving at the end of their cul-de-sac, Kennedy's stepmother refused to comment, and a short time later, his father, Matthew Kennedy, came outside.

"Get the f**k away and don't f**king come back," he yelled at the reporters.

Aaron Hernandez committed suicide last Wednesday after being acquitted of a double homicide in 2012. He left behind his fiancee and daughter as well as his mother Terry and brother D.J. Hernandez.

Although there has been no solid evidence of Aaron Hernandez having a gay lover, several recent rumors have suggested that Hernandez's bisexuality was what led the late athlete to allegedly kill Odin Lloyd. While Hernandez was convicted of Lloyd's 2013 murder, he was mid-appeal at the time of his suicide.

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While Kyle Kennedy and his family are staying quiet about the rumors regarding his alleged relationship with Aaron Hernandez, Hernandez's cousin, Davina Hernandez, spoke out about the suicide note earlier this morning.

"The original information that the family was given was that there was no letters. How does that change so quickly to being three letters and then change again to who the letters were to," she told In Touch Weekly magazine on April 24. "At this point, it would best if people just let him rest in peace."

As for Aaron Hernandez's alleged jail romance, she explained, "He's definitely never made any mention of [having a lover in prison]. No, he would just always say, 'I'm fine.' He would always say he kept to himself so I don't really know how true that is or if he just wanted us to know that he was ok. I don't know."

Davina went on to reveal her disappointment in Aaron Hernandez's death.

"I mean, I would hope that our justice system wouldn't allow something like that to happen, but I really don't know what to think about this point. I do still feel that it's shocking that this happened," she said. "It's just really hard to process. I don't know what to believe at this point."

While Davina didn't reveal when she last spoke to Aaron Hernandez, she confirmed that another one of their cousins had talked to him just one day before he died and said that he sounded far from suicidal.

"[Aaron Hernandez] was just hopeful. He just seemed very hopeful and optimistic," she told the magazine. "He was just very excited and it's just the most hope he's had in a long time."

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