When Is 'Supernatural' Season 12 Coming To Netflix? [Spoilers]

Supernatural Season 12 isn't even over yet, but fans already want to know when the show will come to Netflix. The excellent news is that fans don't have to wait that long. With the confirmation of the season finale in May, it's possible to work out when the streaming service will show the whole of the season. There is just over a month to go!

It's possible to work out the date for Supernatural Season 12 on Netflix because of the deal made last summer. The CW and Netflix have an exclusive deal, stating that the full season of the year will be on Netflix eight days after the season finale. This was proven to go through with The Vampire Diaries in March, which came to the streaming service eight days after the series finale on March 10.

The CW recently announced that Supernatural will wrap its most current season on May 18, 2017. This will be a two-hour season finale, since there will be no Riverdale in the hour after it (that wraps a week earlier). Fans will get to see the Winchesters either stop the birth of Lucifer's child or take down the British Men of Letters. It's unclear just which storyline the writers will keep for the season finale just yet.

With the eight-day rule, that means Season 12 will stream on Netflix in full on May 26, 2017. Den of Geek couldn't give a definite date when it released its shows coming to Netflix in May 2017, as this was before the CW had confirmed the season finale date. It is likely that the CW wanted to reserve the right to announce that before Netflix announced the date it would release the full season.

The May 2017 date for Supernatural Season 12 is much earlier than previous years. The streaming service would usually need to wait for the end of the summer to release the full season in the United States. Because of the lack of exclusivity agreement, the CW would give rights to the likes of Hulu and other services first, and would also wait for the DVD boxsets to be released. Usually, the release of a full season on Netflix would appear on or just before the date for the next season premiere.

This Netflix agreement is only for the United States. The dates for the release of Supernatural Season 12 on international versions of the service will depend on territorial licensing agreements. Australian fans were disappointed to hear that the show had been removed in full from the service, while Canadian and British fans got to keep the full seasons.

Season 12 has been about the British Men of Letters and Lucifer, with storylines switching between the two. It is the first season with Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer taking over the helm, as Jeremy Carver left as showrunner to run CW's likely failed freshman show Frequency. The show has pulled back to some of the earlier episodes, with more standalone episodes about the monsters and the brothers hunting together.

This was also the first year with Mary Winchester working with her boys. After being dead for 33 years, she was brought back at the end of Season 11 by Amara as a thank you gift to Dean. Mary took her time adjusting to a world with computers and technology, finding her way around the hunting world where most of her contacts are dead. Sticking with the dream of a normal life, she decided to work with the British Men of Letters, but it looks like that dream will not be a reality with American hunters in it.

After a week off, Supernatural Season 12 returns to the CW this week. Castiel is back with news about Kelly's whereabouts. The Winchesters and Castiel have a month to stop Lucifer's child from being born.

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