What To Expect Tonight On 'Southern Charm,' Will Fans Learn That Kathryn Passed Her Drug Test? [SPOILERS]

Warning: Southern Charm spoilers ahead!

While even the most ardent Southern Charm fan is having difficulty separating what is happening on the show with what is happening now behind the scenes between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel in reference to their on-going custody battle, previews at the end of last week's Southern Charm and preview videos on Bravo indicate that Thomas will have to admit Kathryn passed her drug test and, once again, has regular visitation with Kensie and Saint. Meanwhile, Craig Conover is firmly #teamKathryn when it comes to parenting.

And fans know that this episode of Southern Charm will have a trigger between Thomas Ravenel and Craig Conover, as on Friday, Ravenel went off on Craig on Instagram, of all social media choices, reports the Inquisitr. It's possible that Thomas Ravenel took the advice of other cast members, including Shep Rose, who suggested that he stop the late night/early morning tweet-and-delete on Twitter or the crazed Facebook comments.

For the record, anything you have to delete within 30 minutes probably should never have been posted in the first place. In the rant, Thomas Ravenel questioned Craig Conover's morals and intelligence, calling him "mentally challenged." Wisely, Craig Conover decided he said all he is going to say about Thomas and parenting for now, at least he is holding it until the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion.

Last week's Southern Charm preview had Thomas Ravenel admitting that Kathryn indeed passed her drug test and regained visitation with her children, albeit supervised by her mother, reports People Magazine. But considering the conversations that Thomas had with seemingly everyone he vaguely recognized at the pool party and a female polo player in the barn pre-party about Kathryn "refusing" to take a drug test because "she knows she will fail," he quietly explains to one individual that Kathryn passed her test and is seeing the kids.

Deleted Instagram Thomas Ravenel rant

Fans haven't seen much of Kathryn Dennis yet on Southern Charm, except as someone who is doing a quiet apology tour, showing up to take her test (that she then passed) and popping by Danni's house to explain her game plan to see Kensie and Saint again.

"There are so many days when I just see a toy or something randomly misplaced and break down in tears."

For those who watched last week's Southern Charm, Craig admitted that Kathryn was invited to the fundraiser but was a no-show, perhaps deciding that a bar was not the best place for a reunion with all of her alleged Southern Charm friends. In the press and on Season 4 of Southern Charm, Kathryn admitted that she has one focus: getting her kids back.

"I've learned that I have cope right now because there is an end to all of this custody [conflict]. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. And I have to remain true to myself and remain resilient in my recovery. There's going to be a day when things get back to normal, and that day's getting closer and closer."


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And while Kathryn Dennis has been clear that she still isn't sure who to trust, she admits that Danni and Naomie, Craig's girlfriend, are the two people on Southern Charm that she knows have her back. Also on the main cast, Craig is a big supporter, which is perhaps why Craig was the spoiler at Thomas Ravenel's polo event.

Kathryn explains why she spoke with Danni on last week's Southern Charm, simply explaining Danni never betrayed her and signed back onto Southern Charm simply to make sure someone was there who would speak out on Kathryn's behalf.

"I will never forget that Danni did that for me. I thoroughly trust her."

Will you be watching Southern Charm tonight?

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