Boycotting Ivanka Trump's Clothing? You Might Buy It Under Adrienne Vittadini Studio Labels Without Knowing It

Ivanka Trump's brand of clothing, shoes, and other items experienced controversy as her dad transitioned in the presidency, and the controversy has not stopped. Those avoiding buying items with Ivanka's name on them might be shocked to learn that Trump's labels have been named with a different brand.

As reported by Vogue, G-III Apparel Group admitted that they have been able to switch out Ivanka's labels and place Adrienne Vittadini Studio on the clothing instead. The fashion group owns the license to Ivanka's brand, so selling Ivanka's products was perfectly within their rights, but not necessarily via relabelling as Adrienne Vittadini Studio and selling them to Stein Mart.

Adrienne Vittadini Studio products might have been sold in more than 290 stores in the U.S., and it isn't known how many products labeled Adrienne Vittadini Studio were originally Ivanka's products. However, G-III is issuing a mea culpa for the label switch up, which was reportedly done without Ivanka's knowledge. The "mistakenly labeled merchandise" with the Adrienne Vittadini Studio label instead of Ivanka's label will be corrected, claims G-III. In the midst of the mess, the group claimed that the Ivanka Trump brand is still growing and is strong.

[Image by Gene J. Puskar/AP Images]

As seen in the above photo of a Nordstrom store in Pittsburgh, a shopper entered the store that also was a target of controversy surrounding Ivanka's brand when President Trump launched a Twitter attack on Nordstrom after dropping Ivanka's clothing and accessory line. Some buyers decided to drop Ivanka's items from their shopping carts while others vowed to buy Ivanka's products.

Now that G-III has admitted that some of Ivanka's labels were switched with the Adrienne Vittadini Studio labels, folks are theorizing that the move was done in order to help sell off any unsold Ivanka products. As a result of some of the negative feedback the Ivanka brand has gotten from buyers who don't agree with President Trump's politics, theories surrounding the separation of politics and their business interests have emerged.

However, now that news has broken that Adrienne Vittadini labels could, in fact, have been used to hide the fact that a consumer is buying Ivanka products, certain consumers might respond by not purchasing Adrienne Vittadini products or Ivanka products just to ensure that they aren't buying any Trump products.

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Reactions to the news that Adrienne Vittadini labels might currently be sitting in stores and hiding Ivanka Trump products isn't going over well on social media.

A selection of the comments being published online about the brouhaha can be read below.

"Wow. Ivanka Trump clothing relabeled and sold as 'Adrienne Vittadini' without retailers' knowledge."

"I assume the real Adrienne Vittadini is retired somewhere sipping Campari like WTF."

"Sneaky s***."

"Ivanka Trump secretly relabeled her clothing as Adrienne Vittadini because it wasn't selling."

"So Ivanka clothes relabeled as to hide origin."

"Do not buy Adrienne Vittadini clothing its new name 4 clothing 2 con us into buying her clothing made in China ."

"Ivanka selling her stuff UNDER DIFFERENT NAME? "

"IMPORTANT: Ivanka Trump is relabeling her clothes with the name 'Adrienne Vittadini' because they aren't selling. Be sure to boycott both!"

" Ivanka's line re-labeled as . Her brand must be seriously taking a hit!"

"Distributor of Ivanka Trump clothing line has renamed it ADRIENNE VITTADINI due to poor sales & boycotts•Supposedly she wasn't informed•BULL."

"Boycott Adrienne Vittadini..that is the label Ivanka Trump is using now."

"In that case, BOYCOTT Adrienne Vittadini!!!!"

Meanwhile, White House Wardrobe posted the following photos of Ivanka's metallic skirt.

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