'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Lowry Sets Up Baby's Nursery With Rumored Baby Daddy

Has Kailyn Lowry just shared a new clue about her third baby's father's identity?

As rumors continue to link Chris Lopez to the Teen Mom 2 star's pregnancy, Kailyn Lowry has taken to social media to chronicle her pregnancy journey with fans, and in one of her latest posts, JC Cueva is seen helping her put the finishing touches on her child's nursery.

"JC to the rescue," Kailyn Lowry wrote in the caption of a photo of the Teen Mom 2 producer working on a window.

As In Touch Weekly magazine revealed to readers on April 24, Kailyn Lowry and JC Cueva were romantically linked to one another in January. However, the reality star has also been linked to Chris Lopez and Tyler Hill, who have both been named as potential candidates for her third baby's father.

Kailyn Lowry started off 2016 as a married woman, but after experiencing marital troubles with Javi Marroquin following a late 2015 miscarriage, the couple parted ways and confirmed plans for divorce in May 2016. At the time of their split, Kailyn Lowry informed Javi Marroquin that she no longer wanted to have more children and said she preferred to prioritize her career instead. Then, months later, she had a major change of heart and conceived a child with another man.

While Kailyn Lowry never went public with her baby's father and later admitted that they are no longer together, she opened up about changing her mind about children in a blog post to fans in late February.

"Of course, I was filmed on the show saying I didn't want any more kids but I'm pregnant again. I know so many will have comments on this but here's the thing -- I didn't want to bring another child into a failing marriage," Kailyn Lowry explained.

"Shortly after I started having complications, the option of having more kids was almost taken away from me. When I started thinking long and hard, I knew I wanted more. This was the choice I made. This is the baby I thought I wasn't sure if I could have," she continued. "I know this isn't an ideal situation but I know everything will be okay."

Kailyn Lowry also opened up about her less-than-ideal situation during a second blog post shared earlier this month.

"We won't be able to pick up and leave to go on spontaneous trips for a while and I will have to schedule our days around the baby's nap and feeding times," Lowry wrote, according to a report by Radar Online. "And even if the boys are with their dads I will have baby #3 in tow so no alone trips for me either."

Kailyn Lowry went on to reveal that she would be forced to look for a job once she gives birth.

"I think I'm most worried about the changes ahead, but also that I will have this baby 24/7 by myself with no help... I'm going to be a single parent from the beginning!" Lowry explained.

Although Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy may not be involved, she has the support of her friends, including her longtime friend Becky Hayter, who she recently spoke of on Twitter.

"Can't wait for Becky to come help me finish the nursery. I'm so anxious," she wrote.

Kailyn Lowry and her co-stars, including Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, and Chelsea Houska, are expected to return to MTV later this year for Teen Mom 2 Season 8.

[Featured Image by MTV]