Kandi Burruss' Manager Hints Porsha Williams Betrays Phaedra Parks In Upcoming 'RHOA' Reunion Episode

Will viewers see Porsha Williams betray her good friend Phaedra Parks on Part 3 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion episode? That's what Kandi Burruss' manager, DonJuan Clark, seemed to hint at on Sunday night as Part 2 aired.

DonJuan, who has frequently criticized Phaedra both on and off the show, posted a series of tweets that teased what viewers will see next Sunday. In one tweet, DonJuan made it clear that viewers will see and hear a very shocking revelation on Part 3 of the reunion show.

While DonJuan didn't give any specifics, several viewers guessed that people will see that it was Phaedra who started the rumor that Kandi and Kandi's husband, Todd Tucker, wanted to give Porsha Williams drugs in order to take sexual advantage of her. One person gave her opinion that Kandi should sue Phaedra for slandering her.
Another person said that she can't wait for Phaedra, whom she dubbed "Fakedra," to be exposed as a fraud.
In his next tweet, DonJuan asked people what they think will be revealed next week.
Again, several people guessed that it will be revealed that it was Phaedra who told Porsha that Kandi once said that she wanted to drug-rape her.

In another tweet, DonJuan again pumped up next week's episode by telling everyone to watch the preview for it.

One viewer said that she isn't surprised that Phaedra will be exposed since she's "fake and jealous hearted."
Another person said that she can't wait to see Porsha cry upon learning that no one is her true friend. Perhaps viewers will see Porsha cry after Phaedra doesn't come to her defense when Kandi lashes out at her?
The preview for Part 3 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion episode seems to show Porsha Williams revealing that it was Phaedra Parks who told her that Kandi Burruss said that she and Todd Tucker wanted to drug-rape her. In one scene, host Andy Cohen asks Porsha why she believes Kandi and Todd would drug her.

"She's the one who told me that Kandi said that," Porsha responds.

The camera then cuts to Shamea Morton, Porsha's friend who has feuded with Phaedra and warned Porsha to stay away from Phaedra, give a knowing look. Phaedra, meanwhile, looks very uncomfortable.

Kandi then yells at someone, seemingly someone sitting across from her, for telling Porsha such a thing. During the reunion show, Phaedra sat directly across from Kandi.

"You said that I wanted to drug her!"

The preview ends with Porsha looking glum, Cynthia Bailey's mouth open in shock and Kandi breaking down in tears.

Earlier in the season, Porsha said that she heard rumors Kandi and Todd had planned on drugging her and their mutual friend Shamea to take them back to their house. Both Kandi and Shamea denied that such a thing ever happened. Later, during the group's Hawaii vacation, Kandi confronted Porsha for spreading such a lie about her and Todd. Kandi explained that she and Porsha did have a very fun night together several years ago. They did kiss but that it didn't go further beyond that. Kandi even pulled out a printout of a text message conversation that she had with Porsha afterwards showing Porsha joking with her about their fun night together.

According to Kandi, it was Porsha who was the sexual aggressor.

"She knew exactly what she was doing. She sent me this text message talking about how much fun she had and how we were so turnt up. We were already out 'til 3 [a.m.] Then she invited us out to the after hours club so that she can push up even more because she was the aggressor. She's the B in LGBT!"
Yet Porsha, who admitted that she did kiss Kandi after having one too many drinks, maintained that Kandi had told someone that she wanted to drug rape her and bring her back to her sex dungeon. Porsha put the blame on Kandi for the rumor spreading around.

"Don't come with me about my business if you don't want yours told. I wasn't going to tell your business' til you came at me."

Kandi threatened to sue Porsha.

"I will sue your ass if you keep saying it, you lying a** bitch. You not even thinking about the fact that I got kids. Don't try to ruin my life, ruin my business — that type of accusation can sit with you for life. You a big ** liar."

When Phaedra tried to defend Porsha, saying that it wasn't a big problem, Kandi, with tears streaming down her face and looking as if she was going to attack Porsha, pointed out to her former friend that it was a very big deal.

"She's not saying the truth. And that's the problem. Let's be clear — you know, you know that I have fun or whatever. But the one thing I would not do: I would not do some stuff about no drugs or nothing. And for her to put that out there about me? Oh my God — it took everything in me not to choke the s**t out this b***h."

Was Phaedra Parks really the one who told Porsha Williams that Kandi Burruss said that she and Todd Tucker wanted to drug-rape her? Will viewers see Porsha reveal Phaedra as the culprit of the damaging rumor and Phaedra, in turn, lash out at her for betraying her, or simply denying it? Perhaps so, for it seems that Porsha has heeded Shamea Morton's warning that Phaedra is not to be trusted and to stay away from her. While Porsha and Phaedra haven't posted photos of one another on their social media accounts for a while, Porsha, as the Inquisitr previously reported, did recently attend Shamea's traditional Kenyan wedding ceremony.

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