‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Jack And Victoria Join Forces To Sabotage Philly

The Young and The Restless spoilers for this week say Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Phyllis Abbott (Gina Tognoni) decide to pursue their rekindled relationship, but they won't hide their love this time. This doesn't sit well with their exes who decide to make trouble for Philly before things go too far.

Billy And Phyllis Come Clean to Exes

This week, The Young and The Restless spoilers from Soap Central promise Billy and Phyllis decide they have to tell their exes before they take their new relationship out in public for a test drive. Billy goes to Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), and Phyllis goes to Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman).

Billy and Phyllis know this news won't be received with applause and congratulations from their respective ex-spouses, but neither is prepared for the animosity the revelation triggers, say the most recent The Young and The Restless spoilers from the web and soap magazines.

Phyllis Pleads With Jack to Chill Out

The Young and The Restless spoilers predict we can expect a tirade from Jack when Phyllis reveals she and Billy are back together. Jack knows this is why Phyllis backed out of the revenge scheme they were cooking up against Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), so he's doubly agitated.

Other The Young and The Restless spoilers also say this brings Jack's animosity towards Billy back to the surface and heats it up again. Phyllis asks Jack to drop it and not pursue revenge against Billy. She reminds him all their problems originate from Victor and Marco, not Billy, but Jack won't calm down.

Victoria Doesn't Like This One Bit

The Young and The Restless spoilers for this week reveal the talks with their exes happens on Wednesday, April 26 and neither is happy with the news. Victoria brought this on herself by telling Billy she'd be crazy to get involved with him again but Y&R fans know she wants him back.

Victoria won't give up, and The Young and The Restless spoilers for May sweeps from Soap She Knows predict Victoria plans to fight for Billy. With Phyllis and Billy already bedding down together again, what ammunition does Vikki have to win Billy back from the excitement of new love with Phyllis?

Jack And Victoria's Secret Agenda

Jack doesn't want Phyllis back, but he also doesn't want Billy to have her, say recent The Young and The Restless spoilers. Vikki does want Billy back. Despite their differences in goals, the bottom line is Jack and Victoria both want Billy and Phyllis to split. That makes Jack and Victoria perfect partners despite their recent animosity over business.

Victoria may not be an expert at revenge games, but Jack is and he's been gunning for Billy for a while now. The Young and The Restless spoilers say that's what makes Vikki pairing with Jack a dangerous game. Victoria wants Jack to help her sabotage the Philly romance but doesn't want Billy destroyed.

Will The Sabotage Backfire?

The Young and The Restless spoilers promise Jack and Victoria will lay their plans to wreck Philly's romance, but this could come back to bite them. With forces conspiring against them, Billy and Phyllis might grow closer together rather than being driven apart.

The Young and The Restless spoilers predict Phyllis and Billy won't be as easy to break up as Victoria and Jack hoped. The result could be that Jack and Vikki come out of this looking like villains while Phyllis and Billy get their happily ever after. Will Jack and Victoria fail and fall flat on their faces?

Y&R Fans Torn Over Billy's Love Life

The Young and The Restless spoilers indicate Philly is back on for now, but Y&R fans are deeply divided on which woman they want Billy to wind up loving. Some are hardcore shippers of Victoria and Billy and believe those two are soul mates destined to be together.

But other fans of The Young and The Restless are tired of Victoria's entitled attitude and think she doesn't deserve Billy and that Phyllis should have her shot at the sexy bad boy. We'll be deep into May sweeps before there's any resolution on Billy's love life and Jack and Vikki's scheme, say new The Young and The Restless spoilers.

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