Natalie Negrotti Wants To Do 'Survivor' After Experiencing 'Big Brother'

Natalie Negrotti is best known for her stint on Big Brother 18. She was cast as a newbie alongside some veterans and thrown into a house where she was locked down for nearly 90 days. It is one of the most-watched reality game shows on television, and it will be returning in June for another round.

Negrotti instantly struck up a friendship with a fan-favorite and veteran, James Huling. The two were inseparable, and all of their time spent together eventually evolved their friendship into something more. While her motives were questioned by many after the season ended, she continued to see her boyfriend for several months.

It has been almost a year since Natalie Negrotti was made famous for appearing on Big Brother 18. She has been incredibly active on social media, chronicling her relationship with James Huling outside of the Big Brother house. Rumors circulated that Negrotti was using her new relationship for fame because of his popularity with fans. While she reportedly denied that was the case, there have been some recent accusations that would corroborate she did not have pure intentions.

According to Us Weekly, Natalie Negrotti wants to try Survivor in the future. This is not a wild aspiration as some former Big Brother contestants have tried their hand at the reality game show. Most recently, Caleb Reynolds (Beast Mode Cowboy) was given two shots at the intense game.

Casting Natalie Negrotti on Survivor would be a good move for CBS. She is currently involved in some social media drama over a GoFundMe campaign, which has several Big Brother fans heated. After months of dating James Huling and raising money for charity together, Negrotti reportedly dropped him. Rumors of cheating circulated for weeks prior to the split. No confirmation has been given by either Big Brother alum regarding the cheating, but they have allegedly split. Unfortunately, fans weren't convinced they would make it anyway. Red flags were thrown in the Big Brother house, and while they managed to pull it off for nearly five months after the show ended, Natalie and James were not meant to be.
Over the course of Natalie Negrotti dating James Huling, they played pranks on fans. They faked an engagement that had several Big Brother fan groups talking. It seemed that they had fun when they were together, and now that they are no longer connected, Negrotti is ready for another dose of fame. Survivor is something she is adamant about doing, insisting she was raised going to farms and hiking. Natalie hails from Venezuela and believes her experiences being raised there would help her compete in the game. Negrotti also mentioned the time away would be easy because it is only 39 days rather than the three-month sequester that is mandated by Big Brother unless you are evicted.

With Natalie Negrotti expressing interest in doing something like Survivor, it wouldn't be surprising to see her in an upcoming season. Several of the former Big Brother have landed other shows or gigs from their appearance on the reality game show. Many of them still get together and do events and meet-and-greets. Despite the rumored turmoil between Natalie and James Huling, she would bring her fans to watch Survivor if given the chance to compete.

With both shows being enjoyed by many reality television fans, the possibility of her being cast is good. There is speculation that she has already gone through the casting process and may have hinted fans will be able to watch her on an upcoming season because she did the interview. Whether you are a Natalie Negrotti fan or not, watching her compete on Survivor would be worth watching.

[Featured Image by Natalie Negrotti/Twitter]