'Longmire' Season 6 Premiere: Spoilers Hint At Possible Wedding Or Funeral When Netflix Series Returns

It has already been confirmed that Longmire will have one more season before the Netflix series comes to a conclusion. It was already reported that Season 6 would premiere sometime this year, but fans are still waiting for more updates on when the last season will premiere.

So far, Netflix has not announced a premiere date for Longmire Season 6, but it's a relief for the audience to know that the cast and crew have started with the filming. The cast has been busy with filming episodes for Season 6 as evidenced by some who update their social media.

None of the actors who frequently update fans about Longmire have spilled the beans yet on when the series will premiere, but it is assumed to be sometime in September as it is the same month that the previous two seasons were released. CarterMatt has a rather more specific theory as to when Season 6 will premiere, which will be on Sept. 15.

Longmire Season 6 will be the final season
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As explained by the publication, Sept. 15 could be a likely date for Longmire Season 6 premiere because it gives viewers the chance to enjoy their favorite actors give out their best and final performance for the series before the start of the TV season. This would mean that viewers can put their focus more on Longmire while waiting for the release of other TV shows.

Then again, this has not been confirmed, but fans could get the news soon, once filming will near its completion. As for other details, updates on Longmire's story for the final season remain scarce — except for one photo that got fans talking.

Longmire Season 6 actor Adam Bartley, who plays Deputy Ferguson, recently shared on Instagram a photo on set, featuring the cast of the series, including Robert Taylor, who plays the titular character and Katee Sackhoff, Taylor's character's love interest. However, what caught the eye of most people is Walt wearing a black suit. The actors who posed for the selfie also wore black, and so did all other people in the background.

Fans reacted to the photo, formulating their own theories as to what the photo can hint regarding spoilers. Some people believe that Walt could be getting married in the final season, which is why he is wearing the suit, while others are convinced that the people in the photo could be shooting for a funeral scene. One person even commented asking if the photo hinted at a dream sequence in one of the episodes of Longmire Season 6.

It remains to be seen why Walt is wearing the black suit and why the rest of the people in the background are also dressed formally. But it gives more reason for fans to get excited about the release of the upcoming season.

Longmire Season 6 stars Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire
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The last Longmire fans saw of the series was Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) facing real danger when he was kidnapped by Malachi (Graham Greene) and his group. Henry was left for dead, but he will be very much part of Season 6 because Phillips is one of the actors who give updates about the show. He has confirmed being on location for filming. Phillips is also one of the directors of Season 6's episodes.

Longmire was originally an A&E series but was axed after three seasons despite having received positive feedback from the audience. Its cancellation disappointed several fans who then launched a campaign to save the show. Following its cancellation, Netflix came to the rescue. Despite its appeal to a certain audience, the streaming giant had to stop ordering more seasons. Still, the production was given the opportunity to come up with a great ending to the series.

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