Leah Messer Celebrates Major Milestone For Daughters, Writes About A Special Someone?

Leah Messer has wrapped another season of Teen Mom 2, and she's finally turning her life around. For years, Leah has been a stay-at-home mother for her three daughters, but now that her two oldest girls are going to school, Leah wants to get an education herself. And it sounds like she's excited about what the future will bring.

For a long time, Leah Messer's social media updates were inspirational and encouraging, and perhaps she was sharing these kinds of updates because she needed to hear the words herself. But now, Messer is starting to celebrate her own accomplishments, as well as her daughters' accomplishments.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that she had a proud mommy moment when her daughters were on the baseball field together last week. And it sounds like Leah is all about celebrating the good times these days, as she posted some happy song lyrics recently on Instagram.

"Wanna put on some Shenandoah and crank it loud. You and me go fishin' in the dark. Killin' time with Restless Heart. Just another Sunday in the South. I'm gonna put on some Shenandoah and crank it loud. All you gotta do is give me that wink. Man, this ain't no thinkin' thing. Just another Sunday in the South," Leah Messer shared on Instagram, revealing that she may be thinking about someone special.

However, Messer has revealed that a boyfriend is far from her mind, so it is possible that she's still single. On Teen Mom 2, Leah revealed that she didn't have a boyfriend or want one. Maybe she's taking the time to really focus on herself and her life, even if she did share lyrics to a song about a guy.

"One of my most favorite songs! My and my girls sang it loud on the way home from church today!" one person wrote back to Leah, revealing that Messer's post on Instagram was indeed a song, which could mean that she doesn't have a special someone in her life these days.

Messer has also been sharing pictures of her daughters, and it sounds like her girls are very happy living with Leah. And recently, she had a proud moment when her daughters, Ali and Aleeah, played baseball together.

"It was a moment I had to capture! Ali girl on 2nd base and Aleeah on 1st. Watching them play softball together is sooo bitter sweet! #AliGirl #AleeahGrace #Twins #Sisters #BestFriends #SoftballMom," Leah Messer shared on Instagram, revealing a picture of her two daughters on the baseball field together.

Long-time Teen Mom 2 fans had questions about how Ali was doing on the field since she has muscular dystrophy.

"Moments like this as a mother make me so teary eyed. I love being a mom and I love watching all 3 my girls play sports," one person wrote to Leah Messer, while another questioned, "How's little miss handling being on the field and in action with her condition? She's looking pretty good out there!!!"

Leah didn't reveal how Ali is doing, but it is possible she can't give out too many details if she's filming a new season of Teen Mom 2. The girls may be on hiatus these days, but a new season should start soon if they are doing another season. And until then, Messer will continue to inspire her followers.

"Can I just say how amazing it is to watch another mom doing awesome and letting her daughter do things she enjoys and never letting the doctors set the pace or determine their future," one person wrote to Leah Messer, letting her know that her progress is inspirational.

What do you think of Leah Messer's comments on Instagram?

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