'Dance Moms' Alum Maddie Ziegler Labeled 'Bossy' By Insider, But Is There Any Truth To The Rumors?

Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler may have made a name for herself on the original television show, and then as singer Sia's mentee, but the 14-year-old is not immune from criticism. An insider recently took to Radar Online to spill about Maddie Ziegler's "diva attitude."

"A lot of other dancers cannot stand working with Maddie because she is incredibly bossy," the anonymous source revealed.

Fans of Dance Moms, however, will know that Maddie Ziegler is incredibly particular about things being a certain way, particularly when it comes to dance. She was often seen crying in her dressing room if she didn't receive a first-place award.

The source continued with their inditement of Maddie Ziegler's behavior.

"She seems to think she is the director of every show she is in," they dished.

The insider has allegedly worked with Maddie Ziegler on several television shows, and is fed up with her diva ways, adding that she "thinks everyone should bow down to her."

While Maddie Ziegler may have developed a bit of big head from all of the stardom she's achieved at an early age, it is incredibly unfair to say that she is particularly bossy. Many young, and strong, girls are labeled as such in order to discredit them and remind them to stay in their place.

Although it is possible Maddie is one bossy little lady, it is also possible she's simply a buddy director who may take an interest in the field one day. In that respect, being bossy might be a good trait for the young teen to have.

Despite the rumors of Maddie Ziegler's supposed bossiness, she is doing extremely well and is one of the most successful girls from the Dance Moms series. A large part of that is thanks to pop sensation Sia, who asked Maddie to appear in her video "Chandelier." Since then, Maddie has been going on tour with the singer and acting as her proxy at a variety of events and press junkets.

The star has even released a New York Times bestselling book, which is quite a feat for a girl who can't even drive yet. In The Maddie Diaries, the star opened up about her Dance Moms days, which she revealed were incredibly stressful.

She's also taken to the media to say she's actually relieved to be off the show and away from all of the drama.

Maddie Ziegler recently did an interview with an Australian TV show where she dished on her experience with the famed coach.

"It definitely was [full-on]. [The producers] create drama because that is what a reality show does. There has to be drama involved. Yes, it was that crazy. I am very happy - as much as I loved my time on the show, I am glad to move on so I don't have to be stressed and deal with the drama. It was really intense," she revealed in an interview conducted via Skype.

In addition to being Sia's number one girl, Maddie Ziegler is also taking a stab at acting. Although she has appeared in a couple of Disney channel shows, she is going for the real thing this time -- a feature film starring Naomi Watts and Jacob Tremblay. The young star will appear in a pivotal role as the abused girl-next-door in the film The Book of Henry. Part of the plot hinges on saving her character, Kristina, from the clutches of her stepfather. Maddie even got to perform a dance in the film, which will play at a crucial moment in the movie.

Bossy or not, the 14-year-old star seems pretty content.

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