Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Dish About Parenting, Returning To Arkansas For New Baby

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have been gone for a few months now. They returned to the mission field in Central America to do as much work as possible before their second child arrives. Duggar has been keeping fans updated on the trip as much as she can while also dealing with the tragedy that is laid in front of her on a daily basis. The couple has been traveling across the country this time around, not just settled and living in El Salvador like their first trip. Within the next few weeks, Jill and Derick will return home to prepare for the birth of their new baby in Arkansas.

The Duggar family has faced a lot of criticism over things Jill and Derick Dillard have done. Being in Central America while pregnant with her second child has raised several red flags with critics. When they were there last time, pregnancy rumors ran wild for the couple, which triggered criticism due to the fact that the Zika virus was all over the place. This time around, there hasn't been much talk about it, but people have run with it. With only a few weeks left until they return home, it is assumed all is well with Jill and the baby.

In a new interview with the TLC network, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard talked about their parenting. They have been criticized for their choice of words while talking to the camera, more specifically when Derick mentioned his son was manipulative. Critics are going crazy over the comment, which has drawn more attention to the Duggar family. According to People, Jill Duggar admits she is not a perfect parent and that she often asks for advice. She mentioned her mother would be a good place to start, and both spouses talked about their mothers being highly supportive of their life journey.

Within the next few weeks, Jill Duggar will be returning home to Arkansas to deliver her baby. She mentioned in the interview they would be headed back soon, sometime before she can no longer fly. This has been a concern among fans and critics. If they don't make it back home soon, Jill could deliver her baby in another country. Their health care system is less than stellar compared to what Arkansas has to offer, and that is worrisome to her die-hard fans. Duggar and Derick are expected home sometime in May, the sooner the better.

Derick Dillard is being criticized for his comments about Israel being manipulative. While it appears he was just demonstrating what he believed to be an odd behavior for his toddler, others are assuring him it is normal. Critics have attacked Jill Duggar, asking her why she wants to remain with a man who talks like that about their child. Because Israel is an only child for the moment, he gets all of the attention from his parents. When Duggar delivers the new baby, things are going to change for everyone involved, and it could be hard for quite some time.

Interviews are rare for the Duggar family to give, but with Counting On being popular, the network is demanding more interview-like segments to be released throughout the year. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have been away for a few months, and their slot was to update fans and share what their plans are for the next few months. A new season of the show is set to begin this summer, but an official date has not been announced. Fans are looking forward to everything that will be happening in the next few months, including two more Duggar grandchildren being born and planning another lavish wedding.

[Featured Image by Derick Dillard/Twitter]