WWE News: John Cena, Nikki Bella Went Completely Nude -- Cena Still Does Not Want Children?

It looks like the WWE power couple, John Cena and Nikki Bella, has decided to amaze their fans every other week. During the recently held WrestleMania 33, Cena proposed to Bella in one of the most romantic moments in WWE history. After winning applauses, the engaged couple decided to go nude to celebrate their 500,000 subscribers mark.

Nikki Bella recently celebrated 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel by stripping completely naked alongside her fiancé John Cena. In the racy video, Bella and Cena can be seen in their bathrobes in the beginning.

Bella said: "What up everyone, so we are finally ready to have this huge celebration. Sorry it took a few days, it took a while to convince someone to do this." To this, John reluctantly looks her at and said, "I still don't think this is a good idea."

Bella replied: "OK this is a very good idea. Why? Because we got half a million subscribers! So we are ready to give all of us to all of you."

Cena then said: "Not a good idea." Bella fired back: "Just shut up and take your clothes off."

The couple then stripped to nothing and danced for a while in their birthday suits, right before John Cena let rip. Before leaving the room, Bella cried, What the f**k? Are you kidding me? What did you eat, someone else's farts?"

john cena nikki bella children
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The idea for going naked for their fans was proposed to Nikki's viewers in a previous video in which the couple was seen sitting right beside each other. In the clip, they asked their viewers to give them some idea on how to celebrate their 500,000 mark on YouTube. During that time, Cena joked about going naked, and his fiancé quickly agreed to the aforementioned idea.

If this is not cute when it comes to a romantic yet funny side of a WWE couple, we don't know what it is.

As E! Online recently reported, the big wedding date is still unknown, but Nikki commented on that being the first thing on her list when it comes to her life with John Cena.

"I just want it to be a time where we are excited to be together and have family and we feel alive and fresh and I just hope there's a week in our lives where we can just dedicate to that week with friends and family and we get the most special day of our lives. I do not want my man to be exhausted for our wedding day, especially our wedding night."
Meanwhile, it is highly reported that after getting married, the couple will have a lot of problems when it comes to expanding their family. During Bella's interview, the WWE Diva talked about her true feelings when it comes to opening up John for having children. Bella explained this to People,.

"[Cena] says it's selfish but he knows that with his schedule he couldn't be an incredible father and that's why he chooses not to have kids," explained Bella to People, "and I actually respect that because that would be very hard to raise a kid on my own and the dad to always be gone and not see that kid."

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In other news, Vince McMahon recently called John Cena the Babe Ruth of WWE. As noted, Cena is celebrating his 40th birthday today and WWE's former wrestler tweeted the following.

When John Cena and Nikki Bella are going to get married is still not revealed to their fans. But based on the recent speculation, the WWE couple will get married sometime in 2018.

What do you think of Nikki Bella and John Cena's recent nude 500k video on YouTube? What do you think the WWE couple will do once they will have a million subscribers? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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