Robert Pattinson Is All Game For 'Twilight' And Other Superhero Films

Robert Pattinson's fans will be pleased to know that the actor has agreed to star in another Twilight movie. Apart from this, the Harry Potter movie actor recently said that he would love to star in a superhero film like Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ever since Lionsgate's co-chairman talked about the possibility of the new Twilight movie or a spinoff on the previously written characters, fans of the fantasy movie series are waiting to hear some positive news from the stars or the studio. However, none of the stars has accepted to act in the new film, but Pattinson recently did talk about his inclination towards a possible Twilight reboot and how he would love to get a spinoff of Edward Cullen.

During his interview with Yahoo, The Lost City of Z movie star was asked about his take on expanding the Twilight movie universe. For this, the actor humorously said that if the studio and the brains behind the billion-dollar franchise are planning to go ahead with the movie's reboot, he would want a spinoff of his own character.

"There could be some radical way of doing it, which could be quite fun. It's always difficult when there's no source material," he added.

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That being said, even if in the future the studio will come up with a story that will reunite Bella and Edward on the screen, it is highly unlikely to see Kristen and Robert sharing the screen space. Ever since their breakup, a lot has published about their personal lives. The chances are pretty slim that Kristen will star alongside her ex-boyfriend to jeopardize her relationship with Stella Maxwell.

During her earlier interview, Kristen stated that she had fun doing the Twilight films but now as she has grown up, she thinks that the fans who once enjoyed seeing her as Bella have also got busy in their respective lives. Even her fans would want to see her performing some serious roles.

"I still get to see some of the same faces at premieres and they're older and like engaged in this new work that is obviously incredibly different from the Twilight stuff that it makes me really happy," she added.

By serious roles, we think it's her amazing performance in the recently release Personal Shopper. The French film proved to her haters that the actress is here to stay for a long time.

Robert Pattinson As Superhero:

During his interview with Collider, Robert stated that after starring in Twilight movies and other serious dramas, he would like to star in a superhero movie. However, the film should have an original storyline.

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When in the interview, it was asked to him whether he would like to portray a good antagonist in a superhero movie that will allow him to do stuff that the protagonist is not allowed to, The Rover movie actor had this to say,

"I'd love to do a kind of superhero-y, graphic novel-y thing if it was an original piece. It's a very different experience when there's already an audience for it. I'm always interested in Guardians of the Galaxy. I loved Guardians of the Galaxy."
He added, "It's great to have these characters which no one really knows exactly what they're going to be like; it's a strange thing when people already have expectations of something. It's strange to try and please people at the same time."

As of this writing, it is not officially confirmed whether we get to see another Twilight movie or not, but there are chances that in the future, fans of Robert Pattinson will get to see him as a superhero. Maybe he will star in the next X-Men film as Wolverine? Well, keep checking this page for more updates on Robert Pattinson's future film as a superhero.

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