Melania Trump Is Bothered By Ivanka's Closeness To Donald Trump, Still No Plans Of Moving To White House

When the White House seems to have two first ladies, things are bound to get frosty. Apparently, that is the case for first lady Melania Trump and the extremely active first daughter Ivanka Trump. Following Melania's recent slamming of the rumors claiming she and Donald opt against sharing a bed, reports about the relationship between the two women surfaced.

According to AOL, multiple insiders claimed that Melania Trump is "frosty" towards Ivanka Trump. A Vanity Fair report reveals that Ivanka Trump, who is known to have a huge influence on her father, has done a little too much stepping in for the role of the first lady. The situation is worsened by the fact that Melania, the real first lady, still resides in Trump Tower, miles away from the White House.

"Two sources in fashion and media have observed frostiness between the two," an insider reveals.

Meanwhile, other sources who claim that they are close to the first family reveal that Melania Trump is not interested in her role and duties as the first lady.

"She never wanted this, and never had any interest," another source claimed.

Apparently, the former model was dragged to the responsibility because of Donald Trump's political ambitions. As a result, Melania Trump did what she could to ignore her new reality, delivered to her by her husband, and claimed that all she wanted was to be home for her son, Barron Trump.

Evidently, while Donald Trump was busy campaigning, Melania Trump was nowhere to be seen most of the time. While her speeches could be counted on one hand, Ivanka Trump has been consistently present and active in her father's campaign and administration.

In Melania's absence in Donald Trump's campaigns and rallies, Ivanka Trump entered the scene and effectively filled in for Melania's lack of presence. Reports claim that the president's leading ladies are far from getting along well. However, the White House has continued to deny these allegations, claiming that the two have always had a close bond and still do.

Nevertheless, if the allegations regarding the frosty relationship between Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump are true, the reason may lie in the fact that Ivanka Trump has been stepping in for Melania as the first lady. Apparently, comparisons have been made between Melania Trump's eagerness for the role of the first lady and that of Ivanka's.

Looking back, Melania Trump was heavily criticized for her decision to stay behind in New York City with Barron Trump in the hopes of letting her son finish the academic year. Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump was quick to move her three children and husband Jared Kushner to Kalorama into a $5.5 million home.

Despite Melania Trump's claims that her stay in Trump Tower is solely because of Barron Trump's transitional needs and not because she is avoiding Donald Trump and her roles as first lady, there are reports that reveal otherwise.

According to Hollywood Life, Melania Trump still refuses to move into the White House to join her husband. Moreover, there are no signs that she has any plans of doing so despite the insistence of the White House. Melania Trump's spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, once mentioned that Melania has every intention of moving into the White House when Barron finishes the school year.

However, despite Melania's claims about moving to the White House eventually, more and more signs suggest otherwise. There are reports that claim the lack of closeness between Melania and Donald Trump could be the reason behind the first lady's decision to stay behind, according to Vanity Fair.

There were also allegations claiming that the first lady was utterly miserable at the White House. Furthermore, the frostiness between Melania Trump and acting first lady Ivanka Trump could also be the reason behind Melania's continued elusiveness towards her rightful role.

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