TNA News: Former WCW And WWE Champion Shockingly Returns To Impact Wrestling

There are some fans who thought they would never see "Big Poppa Pump" back in the ring for any major wrestling organization. While it is very likely that Scott Steiner won't ever be back in WWE, Jeff Jarrett thought it was a good idea to have him return to TNA. Last night at the tapings for Impact Wrestling, Steiner showed up out of nowhere and ended up making a rather strange alliance in the process.

Holler if you hear him.

After more than five years, Scott Steiner is back in mainstream wrestling as he returned last night to TNA. It was 2011 when fans of Impact Wrestling last saw the "Big Bad Booty Daddy," and he looks as if he hasn't missed a beat.

According to Wrestling Inc., Steiner returned at last night's taping for Impact Wrestling to be the partner of announcer Josh Mathews. Together, they will take on the team of Jeremy Borash and his attorney, Joseph Park, who fans know more for his alter-ego Abyss.Steiner was last released by TNA in 2011, but he had been working with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling since it began in 2014. Jarrett and Steiner remained in contact throughout this time, and the recent merger of the two companies may be what ended up bringing about his return to TNA.

During the Sunday night taping, Matthews was in the ring with Park to continue the entire angle with Jeremy Borash. At one point, Borash offered a handshake but that upset Mathews who got angry at Park. This led to Park beginning to retaliate against Mathews which led to the big return.

It was at this point that Steiner was introduced as Josh Mathews' partner and it led to Scotty chasing Jeremy Borash through the crowd and into the fans. While this was happening, Mathews delivered a low blow to Joseph Park which let down his defense.

That is when Scott Steiner stepped into the ring and administered the Steiner Recliner on Park until the big man passed out. Borash and Mathews will face off at the Slammiversary event on July 2, 2017, from Orlando, with Park and Steiner in their respective corners.

WrestleZone is reporting that the main event of Slammiversary will be Global Force Champion Alberto El Patron taking on Impact Champion Bobby Lashley. TNA has not officially said anything, but it is expected that this match will be used to unify the two titles.

Even though it is still a couple of months away, Slammiversary is already shaping up to be quite an impressive pay-per-view. Yes, there has been a lot of focus on the merger of TNA and GFW, but the returns of former stars such as Matt Sydal, Low-Ki, Sonjay Dutt, and Scott Steiner have brought a lot of attention to a company that desperately needed it.

No matter who you are, you can't help but find this return of Scott Steiner to TNA Impact Wrestling as at least somewhat intriguing. Steiner hasn't been seen in TNA since back in 2011, and he last appeared for WWE in 2004. Since his last appearance with Impact Wrestling, he has been on the independent circuit and picking fights with Hulk Hogan, but now, he's back in the main event picture and in a huge match at Slammiversary.

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