April The Giraffe Baby Name Release Date: Giraffe Cam Returns As Animal Adventure Park Voting Part 2 Begins

The staying power of April the Giraffe is incredible! The interest in the lovable giraffe that became an instant internet star has far from faded away, even weeks after April gave birth to her baby calf. In fact, now that it has been left up to the public to decide what the little guy will be named, fans of April the Giraffe can't wait until the voting results are in – and according to recent reports, the name could be revealed sometime this week.

Let's get to all of the updated details about what people can expect this week when it comes to matters that revolve around April.

A mother giraffe warms up to her baby calf.
April the Giraffe and her baby calf have taken the world by storm. [Image by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images]

First, according to a PIX 11 report, April and her family will back on the internet webcam soon, and that is going to make a lot of folks happy! With tens of thousands of fans expressing their disbelief of the removal of the popular "giraffe cam," Animal Adventure Park posted on their Facebook page Sunday afternoon that they're bringing it back. Yes, once again people will be able to take a peek at what April, Oliver, and the newborn baby are up to on a daily basis.

"The Giraffe Cam is not gone forever!" Animal Adventure Park posted.

With hundreds of thousands of curious April fans tuning in on a daily basis, it is safe to say that bringing back the cam is a move fans were very much hoping for. While the now most famous zoo in New York, and possibly the world at the moment, announced that they weren't going to disappoint all of the die-hard April the Giraffe fans any longer, they also revealed yesterday that they will officially release the schedule of days and times you can view the giraffe family - along with some more information about the contest to name April's baby calf.

An official schedule of the days and times the giraffe cam will be back up and running has not been released yet, it is expected to be this week.

Here is a snippet of what the park is planning on doing this upcoming week when it comes to the giraffe baby name contest and bringing back the popular giraffe cam.

"To answer a few of the pressing questions we continue to receive inquiry on:

"The Giraffe Cam is not gone forever! This week we will announce viewing day/times for you to check in and watch progress! This schedule will continue until noted differently…A permanent yard cam will go up this season which will also reconnect you to your favorite giraffe family."

Obviously, the way the post is listed on the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page, the park must be getting a lot of feedback on why the cam went down in the first place.

Animal Adventure Park also announced that they will have a name for the little guy soon, and the public will have the final say. The official name release is scheduled tentatively for May 1. In a couple of days, the park will end round one voting and announce the top 10 names as selected by the voting public. Voting in round two will start up right after the top 10 choices are announced, and the final voting will be for five days.

A baby giraffe poses for a picture.
What will April the Giraffe's baby calf be named? [Image by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images]

While the official top 10 names haven't been released, we do know that according to Animal Adventure Park's updates a few of the leaders include Patches, Unity, Peter, Apollo, Harpur, Geoffrey, Noah and Ollie.

You still have plenty of time to vote for your favorite name in hopes that it will be in the final round. For all of the April the Giraffe baby name voting details, go to the official contest website. Remember, all votes do cost $1, and the money donated for your votes goes to help some great causes.

[Featured Image by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images]