'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers — Tuesday April 25, 2017: Nicole, Brady Make Love; Paul Asks Sonny A Big Question

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Tuesday, April 25 will be a day dedicated to love. Not only does Paul ask Sonny to move in with him but Brady and Nicole finally make love. While romance is definitely in the air, the Salem Police Department is bustling with activity as Lani and J.J. are tasked with a dangerous new assignment, and Abigail goes for a job interview there.

Abigail Takes Her First Steps Towards Independence

As May sweeps approach, plots are reaching sizzling climaxes and storylines are coming to an end. One of the storylines which has captivated Days of Our Lives has been the Abigail, Chad and Gabi love triangle. First, Abigail faked her death and her best friend, Gabi, and husband, Chad, fell in love. When Abigail return the two had to summarily button up their feelings and move on with their lives.

Of course, fate stepped in time after time and Chad and Gabi kept being thrown into compromising situations which kept Abigail wondering if Chad was really over Gabi. However, Chad finally did come clean to Abigail and told her that he does indeed have feelings for Gabi.

Chabby decided to give their marriage a chance, they do have a son together, and planned to renew their vows. In the meantime, Gabi's brother Darios confessed his feelings to a surprised Abigail. She rejected him and left Darios licking his wounds. Darios then confronted Chad and told him that Abigail deserves better and he should treat her like there is no one else for him.

Abigail seeks advice from friends and gets mixed reactions. When she finally walks down the aisle to a beaming Chad, she breaks his heart and tells him that she cannot go through with their vow renewal. She tells Chad that she deserves a man who is wholeheartedly in love with her and not married to her out of obligations.

Chad is heartbroken and tries to win her back, but it seems as if Abigail has made up her mind. And in her quest for independence Abigail has moved out and is looking to stand on her own feet. She has posted out job applications, and the Salem Police Department has called her in for an interview.

Days of Our Lives fans should stay posted because spoilers reveal that May sweep week has big things in store for Chabby!

Lani And J.J. Partners In Crime

Lani and J.J. are assigned a risky case this week, so fans can expect explosive scenes in the coming week ahead.

Will Sonny Accept Paul's Proposal To Move In Together?

Over the last two months, we have seen Paul and Sonny's romance take on a sweet course. With the first kiss, their first time together and even when they put their hearts of their sleeves and told each other their true feelings.

Today, Paul takes it one step further and asks Sonny to move in with him. Will Sonny move in with the man of his dreams?

Will This Be The Last Time Nicole and Brady Make Love?

Nicole and Brady spent yesterday bonding and cementing their family unit. They recommitted themselves to their new relationship, and Brady realizes that although they will spend their lives in hiding, he is not willing to let go of Nicole or the love that they share. Nicole has admitted that she does love Brady, and they are now free of their past lives. With a fake marriage and fake identities, the one thing that they've got going for them is real love.

According to TV Countdown, Brady and Nicole make love today, not knowing that Deimos has located them and is on his way to Canada.

Days of Our Lives fans will be shocked to know that later this week it won't be Deimos who barges in on their love nest, but according to Days of Our Lives official Twitter account, things are about to take a nasty turn when someone blows their cover.

Yes, Xander is back, and he has Holly in his arms? Could Deimos have sent his supposed-to-be-nephew to do his dirty work? Stay tuned as we reveal more Days of Our Lives spoilers as the week progresses.

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