President Donald Trump First 100 Days: Despite Low Approval Ratings, Trump Voters Still Have No Regrets

On Sunday, a new ABC News and Washington Post poll was published and revealed a lot of interesting demographics and results about President Donald Trump's first 100 days in the White House. Apparently, the results show that a whopping 96 percent of Americans who voted for Donald Trump in the elections would vote for him again today if need be, showing that the majority of his voters do not regret their decision.

However, the results also show other alarming facts about how voters view Donald Trump presidency. For instance, the results of a new poll from NBC News and The Wall Street Journal reveals that 45 percent of Americans believe that President Donald Trump has a "poor start" while only 40 percent approve of Donald Trump's performance in the past 100 days. Apparently, Donald Trump has the lowest approval rating compared to any president in the history of the United States with regard to polls measuring the public's opinion.

Digging deeper in the public's opinion regarding voting for their candidate again, as mentioned above, 96 percent of Trump's voters will vote for him again, while the case for Hillary Clinton is quite the contrary. Looking back, the 2016 elections concluded with 46 percent votes for Trump and 43 percent for Clinton. According to the poll's results, if the elections were to be held again today, Trump will most likely retain his supporters while Hillary only has 85 percent of her voters willingly voting for her again.

However, these results do not mean that the 15 percent of Hillary's voters who will no longer vote for her have decided to vote for Trump instead. Apparently, only two percent of these voters said that they would vote for Trump instead, while one percent of Trump's voters said that they would switch to voting for Clinton. The rest of which said that they would rather vote for a third-party candidate or ultimately abstain from voting.

Furthermore, the results rendered by the recently held polls reveal that despite Trump's shortcomings, the Democratic Party isn't out of the woods yet. Apparently, 67 percent of Americans now believe that the Democratic Party is out of touch with the concerns of the American people, a rather significant increase as compared to the results of the March 2014 poll which stated that only 48 percent of Americans believed in the latter.

Other than the low approval rating for Trump's performance as president in his first 100 days, making him the president with the lowest approval rates in their first 100 days, the poll also reveals America's stand on Trump's most controversial decisions as president.

Several reports claim that there has been much controversy regarding Trump's decision to give his daughter Ivanka Trump high-level White House clearance as well as an office in the West Wing. While her husband's appointment as a White House official also had the American citizens raising a brow. Now that the poll results are in, it reveals that only 34 percent approve of Donald Trump's decision to give his daughter and his son-in-law major positions in his administration.

With regard to Donald Trump allegedly expensive Mar-a-Lago weekends and vacations, 54 percent believe that it is not a conflict for the president to spend time in his owned commercial properties. Moreover, despite Trump's low approval ratings, he has received high marks from Americans who agree with his "America First" campaign.

In light of this, Donald Trump has openly voiced his plans to make sure that America keeps their factories and jobs within the country, thus providing work opportunities to the citizens of the United States. As a result, three out of five voters, including Trump-critical liberals agree with Trump on the aspects of keeping jobs within the United States.

As for Trump's recent decision to attack the Syrian airfield allegedly responsible for the chemical attack on Syrian civilians, 51 percent support his decision to conduct missile strikes on the country. Meanwhile, the situation in North Korea is believed to be handled "about right" by Donald Trump as 46 percent of voters agree with his methods.

Ultimately, the results of the poll still reveal that Donald Trump lags behind former President Barrack Obama's during his first 100 days. Although there are some who agree with Trump, there are still those in utter disagreement. Despite the clashes in beliefs regarding his presidency, if the elections were to be held again today, Donald Trump will still stand victorious over Hillary Clinton.

[Featured Image by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]