No, John Mayer Is Not Trying To Win Back Katy Perry From Bloom

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have called it quits, so of course the question of the moment is what’s next for the pop star in regard to her love life. Naturally tabloids have sought to plant a seed that involves Perry and John Mayer rekindling their former relationship.

Life & Style has been responsible for alleging that John Mayer has gotten to work and trying his best to win back Perry’s affection since her split from the actor. Gossip Cop notes the details about this recent story by the tabloid, relaying, “According to Life & Style, Mayer is ‘desperate’ to rekindle his romance with Perry following her split from Orlando Bloom.”

The tabloid relies on words of a supposed source who insists that Mayer is in a desperate state to get back together with Katy.

“Meyer sent Perry dozens of roses and expressed she could always count on him… the magazine further alleges Perry had her assistant pawn off the flowers on a nursing home. ‘She’s horrified that he’s pining for her so publicly,’ a supposed ‘insider’ is quoted as saying. The alleged source goes on to maintain that Perry’s wants nothing more from Meyer.”

A reliable insider close to Mayer has since debunked the claims made that involved the musician sending flowers to Perry upon hearing the news that she and Bloom had split.

Katy Perry Shoots John Mayer Down in Hilarious Fashion

— Julieth Jaimes (@MandanKascara) April 21, 2017

More news about Mayer, includes claims that the singer is smitten with Kendall Jenner since she attended his show in Los Angeles this week. Jezebel shares the interesting new details that have emerged from yet more sources regarding a bit of a crush that Mayer just might have on the model.

“A source told Hollywood Life that Mayer, ‘thinks Kendall is smoking hot.’ Jenner brought her close friend Hailey Baldwin to the concert with her, and Mayer reportedly developed a ‘mad crush’ on her as well. Where could this be going? Love triangle?”

As the publication reminds, however, Mayer really shouldn’t be set on winning back Perry or on starting a new romance with Jenner seeing as he supposedly does not date celebrities anymore, as a source recently shared.

“He’s really trying to be good and not date any more high-profile women. He prefers not being in the spotlight, but still loves beautiful women. This concert was a major challenge for him. 5 years ago he would have made a move on Kendall and Hailey, but now he exercises restraint.”

As for Perry and Bloom, the two announced their split a month ago, yet have appeared to be amicable since this point, which is not surprising seeing as Katy has also remained on good terms with John Mayer over the years. It has even been shared that Bloom and Perry attended the same party recently, despite making separate and quick exits.

The Sun shares about the party at which both Katy and Orlando were spotted quietly leaving.

“The actor wore a cap low over his head and dressed down in a black and tanned jacket and navy trousers. He flashed a brief smile but failed to stop for photos. Meanwhile Katy was pictured with her head down in the back of her car, showing off her chopped bleached blonde hair and adding statement red glasses.”

The former couple released a joint statement following their split, as a means to dispel any rumors and speculation from taking over. Orlando also spoke openly about the split and emphasized how important he feels it is to remind that breakups don’t have to be hateful.

“We’re friends. It’s good. We’re all grown-up. She happens to be someone who is very visible, but I don’t think anybody cares what I’m up to. Nor should they. It’s between us. It’s better to set an example for kids and show that (break-ups) don’t have to be about hate.”

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