Caitlyn Jenner Meets Stephen King's Pennywise In Offensive ISIS-Fueled Ads

Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender inspiration, and Pennywise the clown, the surreal antagonist played by Bill Skarsgard in the upcoming movie adaptation of Stephen King's horror masterpiece It, rarely cross paths in the news. Thanks to Hollywood-based street artist Sabo, however, along with some highly questionable interpretation of religious doctrine, Jenner and Pennywise are finally gracing the same pages.

As Vanity Fair notes, Caitlyn Jenner is appearing on Tucker Carlson's Tonight Show, the first installment to replace the time-slot of now-ex-anchor Bill O'Reilly on April 24. For that reason, Jenner is at the forefront of the news right now. Presumably, she will be discussing something about her life as a transgender person.

Although Caitlyn Jenner is an inspiration to many, she is not immune from becoming the butt of a joke. That is exactly what is being realized by Sabo, a street artist who has quite a while now treated the Hollywood area to his politically incorrect antics.

In this case, details The Hollywood Reporter, Sabo took certain promotional images being distributed for the adaptation of Stephen King's It, a horror movie scheduled for release in September, and photoshopped Caitlyn Jenner's head onto the images. Jenner's likeness replaces that of Pennywise, the film's primary antagonist.

Sabo did not just implement the unholy switcheroo on one picture and slap it up on a single bus stop like most vandals probably would. Instead, he printed a whole line of pictures in which Caitlyn Jenner takes Pennywise's place and posted them in a variety of physical locations around Los Angeles, from the ads on bus stops to the back of park benches located directly in front of the studios of FOX News.

Interestingly, Sabo did not orchestrate this unauthorized Kendall Jenner mockery campaign simply as a darkly humorous way of making fun of the icon; at least, that's what he says. His reasons for demeaning Caitlyn Jenner (and you can be assured that crudely superimposing Jenner's head over that of one of the most vile characters in cinema is meant as an insult) are deeper than simple dislike.

"I converted to the Muslim faith and I joined ISIS, so what's going on with Bruce Jenner goes against my new-found faith," Sabo was quoted as saying. "If any progressives have a problem with this poster, then I'll just have to label them 'Islamophobic.'"

He continued that, compared to the absolutely heinous acts being committed by other "Muslim extremists" around the world, this business with Caitlyn Jenner and Pennywise is small potatoes.

"This poster pales in comparison to throwing Bruce off a building or hanging him the way we Muslims do in many countries, and progressives don't seem to have a problem when we do that."
Whether or not you believe Sabo is sincere in his belief of the Islamic faith, the way in which he is choosing to express it is not only ridiculous but illegal.

First of all, regardless of your religious standing, the law stipulates that you cannot just make fun of someone in public by manipulating copyrighted images and displaying them for the world to see without any kind of permission. It's basically libel and is not allowed, even if Caitlyn Jenner's actions run contrary to some aspects of your religious beliefs.

Second, and probably even more importantly, is that an offensive characterization of Caitlyn Jenner is a misrepresentation of what Islam is about. Although some lunatics who claim to operate under Islam do indeed take harsh measures against the LGBTQ community, such behavior does not represent the religion. What with all the bad PR Islam has been getting as of late, they really do not need controversial spark plugs like Sabo being associated with them.

Muslim protest
Violent extremist groups like ISIS are the enemies, not the representatives of the Islamic people. [Image by Ilbusca/iStock]

Caitlyn Jenner is not the first celebrity Sabo has mocked publicly; he has done similar things with dozens of celebrities and actually has an entire website dedicated to marketing his art.

What do you think of the morality behind Sabo's cartoonish Caitlyn Jenner/Pennywise mash-ups? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]