Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Disses ‘Twilight Saga’ Fame – Still Want To Act In ‘Twilight’ Reboot

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson might not have enjoyed so much of Twilight Saga fame in their early days but they are not declining that a brand new Twilight reboot film will be an interesting project for them. The popularly called RobSten couple, who played the role of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, recently revealed that they want to hear about the Twilight reboot film.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s relationship took a downhill when the Personal Shopper actress got caught on camera cheating on him with Rupert Sanders. The Snow White And The Huntsman director was married at that time and the 27-year-old actress was dating The Lost City Of Z actor. Sanders and Stewart had to release a public apology to their partners but it did not go well for their image.

While the Snow White And The Huntsman director took a complete hiatus from Hollywood, the Café Society actress stopped doing mainstream films and focused towards improving her acting skills in indie movies. After five years, Sanders has come back as a director for Scarlett Johansson in Ghost In The Shell and Stewart is returning to mainstream films with Underwater.

In recent interviews, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dissed the fame and attention they received due to Twilight film. The Personal Shopper actress said that she does not feel burdened by the vampire movie but the public became her enemy due to her personal relationship with the co-star.

“I didn’t talk about my first relationships that went public because I wanted things that are mine to be mine. I hated it that details of my life were being turned into a commodity. But considering I had so many eyes on me, I suddenly realized [my private life] affects a greater number of people than just me. It was an opportunity to surrender a bit of what was mine, to make even one other person feel good about themselves. When I was dating Rob, the public were the enemy – and that is no way to live.”

In his latest interview with Collider, even the The Lost City Of Z actor said that he is trying to balance the amount of fame he received in his early age from the Twilight films.

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“I also think if you get sort of early success there’s always this part of you which feels like, ‘I need to address the imbalance, I need to kind of earn that success after the fact.’ And so I try to find roles that are hard and also, I still find now, even after I’ve done loads of really random movies, directors are really surprised that I want to play the parts that I want to play.”

In his other latest interview, while promoting The Lost City Of Z, Pattinson said that he is unaware if he has a fan base and is “pretty curious about what people say afterward, and who turns up, who likes the movie.” The 30-year-old actor also said that the madness surrounding his life due to vampire movie has calmed down now.

He further said that he is curious about a new Twilight reboot film. Although, he added that he will be interested in a spin-off for Edward Cullen, potentially possibly called Edward: Homecoming.

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“I mean, I’m always kind of curious. Anything where there’s a mass audience — or seemingly an audience for it — I always like the idea of subverting people’s expectations. So there could be some radical way of doing it, which could be quite fun. It’s always difficult when there’s no source material. But, yeah, I’m always curious.”

Even Bella Swan of The Twilight Saga agreed in her interview that it would be kind of fascinating “but it wouldn’t emotionally affect” her. She said that she enjoyed doing the previous parts of the franchise too.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s eagerness to act in a Twilight reboot film sure makes the vampire fans happy. Do you wish to see the former lovers back together in a movie again? Share your insights in the comments below.

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