15-Year-Old Inventor Wows MIT With Homemade Gadgets Made From Trash

A 15-year-old inventor wows the folks at MIT with his homemade gadgets and creations, according to Yahoo! News.

Kelvin Doe is a self-taught inventor and engineer who lives in Sierra Leone. Over the years Doe has learned the ins and outs of electronics by reverse engineering radios, generators, and other items that people have thrown away. In fact, his formidable skills have allowed him to create his own working radio station where he broadcasts tunes as DJ Focus.

io9 reports that the 15-year-old inventor is the youngest individual in history to have been invited to MIT’s “Visiting Practitioner’s Program.” This program essentially allows inventors to stop by and use the many resources MIT has at its disposal.

Although Doe has spent a considerable amount of time making batteries and generators, he intends to use his skills on a much grander scale. According to BostInno, the self-taught inventor plans to build a windmill to help generate electricity for people in his hometown.

“I want to help my family—to provide the facility for them,” Doe tearfully explained.

The 15-year-old received his invitation to the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” after winning the Innovate Salone Challenge, a high school invitational designed to foster creative thinking with a focus on community.

David Sengeh, one of the individuals who were instrumental in helping the young inventor connect with the folks at MIT, explained that Doe’s attitude towards life is an inspiration to many.

“I learned a lot from him. He’s passionate about this and he believes he can actually change his community. It’s inspiring to hear that from someone his age,” Sengeh explained.

While he’s working on his windmill system, Doe intends to move forward with his radio station. His ultimate goal is to provide young people in his hometown with a venue for their thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

To learn more about the 15-year-old inventor who wowed the folks at MIT, take a look at the video embedded below.