Rogue RadioShack: Ohio Location Goes Flippant On Facebook After Closure

A “Rogue RadioShack” Facebook page is flippantly entertaining electronics fans on social media.

The Ohio-based retail location of the bankruptcy-embroiled RadioShack chain lashed out on Facebook this month. The franchise, reportedly located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, seemingly operates the unconfirmed Facebook business page for the RadioShack branch. Apparently, the outpost’s operators didn’t take too kindly to being shut down, and made their acrimonious feelings known via the rogue Facebook page.

Upon being permanently closed by RadioShack in early April, the rogue store’s owner(s) began posting hilariously irreverent Facebook posts about the electronics company and its business methods, and even started bashing its own customers. As of this writing, the rouge RadioShack Facebook page is still going strong, admonishing its past patrons and stating that it always “hated all [the] prick customers anyway.”

Here is a photo of a RadioShack retail store advertising a "Clearance Blowout" sale.

The Daily Dot reports that the rogue RadioShack Facebook page was seemingly created last year, ostensibly as the official social media outlet of the Reynoldsburg store. However, after the company announced that it was closing the location permanently, in part of its ongoing liquidation efforts, the rogue Facebook page posted a scathing update for its followers. The post went live shortly after 12 a.m. EST on Tuesday, April 18.

“We closed. F**k all of you.”

The rogue post in question now has 32,000 likes and over 6,000 comments on Facebook. From there, the rogue RadioShack page only amped up the anger, responding to one user’s comment that they “should just shop Amazon like all our other customers” when asked if the now-rogue franchise would reopen.

The rogue Facebook account also made light of RadioShack’s much-maligned practice of attempting to obtain customers’ zip codes when purchasing an item and pushing various electronics protection plans.

“No batteries without zip code! Protection plans don’t mean s**t!”

Uproxx reports that RadioShack filed for Chapter 11 in February, 2015, after many quarterly losses. The company officially entered bankruptcy this March, followed shortly thereafter by the rogue page’s onslaught.

An Ohio RadioShack location has gone "rogue" on their Facebook business page after being permanently closed.


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On Wednesday, the RadioShack company issued a response to the rogue Facebook page’s efforts on their official Twitter page. In a meme-errific movie that possibly one-ups the rogue page’s vitriolic output, RadioShack simply posted a captioned GIF of reggae artist Shaggy’s 2000 hit, “It Wasn’t Me,” appended with the inscription, “Our official response to the rogue account, which we do not agree with or condone…”

As evidenced by the parent company’s March bankruptcy filing and continuous closings of its retail locations, the RadioShack brand (officially on the books as General Wireless Operations, Inc.) is often criticized for being a dusty relic of a past age. Indeed, the corporation’s heyday is probably linked in most people’s minds with the the late-’70s, ’80s, and early-’90s electronics explosion.

Nonetheless, the sublimely sarcastic Twitter response by RadioShack to the rogue account’s disrespectful Facebook posts proves that the company (or at least its social media manager) is perfectly aware of the online era we currently inhabit — perhaps above and beyond the rogue Facebook account’s flip remarks.

Are you following the “Rogue RadioShack” page on Facebook?

Here is a photograph of a RadioShack storefront in Egypt in 2002.

What do you think about the “Rogue RadioShack” Facebook page? Do you agree with the rogue Facebook page’s outbursts concerning the closure of their store? Did you comment on any of the rogue store’s flippant Facebook posts? Would you have “gone rogue” if you were put in a similar situation? Let us know your comments on the rogue RadioShack and its heated Facebook display in the comments section below.

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