‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ Manga Chapter 215: King Dolor’s War Dance No Match For Zeldoris The Executioner?

Chapter 215 of immensely popular Japanese manga The Seven Deadly Sins continues with the interesting twists that began a few chapters back. While the previous chapter was quite emotional, so is the current one. However, beginning from this chapter of Nanatsu no Taizai, mangaka Nakaba Suzuki appears to be giving the series a more positive undertone, especially compared to the previous ones which were rather brutal and barbaric in nature.

[Warning: The Seven Deadly Sins manga Chapter 215 spoilers/recap and Chapter 216 speculations ahead]

Chapter 214 of The Seven Deadly Sins was quite painful to read and understand. After Rou had killed almost all of the Stigma Warriors, his brother maimed Gerharde. Shockingly, Rou killed his brother for hurting the princess. As it turns out, Gerharde resembled Rou’s childhood friends, and the Stigma Warriors had murdered his entire village for no reason. Understanding the pain behind Rou’s motives, Gerharde not only forgave the human but also assured him that she would defend him when her brother, the Fairy King, arrived. Interestingly Gerharde also revealed how she deliberately overlooked Ruduciel’s atrocities because she wanted the Holy War to end.

Upon Gloxinia’s arrival, Rou didn’t attempt to attack or defend himself. Angered by the blood and gore, the Fairy King hurled a huge spear. However, after sensing there’s no true evil within Rou, Gloxinia stopped the spear midair, but the human was still killed by the real King. Apart from Rou’s death, and the awakening of the real King, the previous chapter marked the arrival of Zeldoris “The Executioner.”

Chapter 215 of The Seven Deadly Sins manga reveals the true reason behind Zeldoris’ arrival. While King Dolor and the two Gowthers are talking, Zeldoris arrives with a huge bang and announces that the Demon King is quite angry, and he has demanded Gowther’s presence. Zeldoris adds that if Gowther refuses, he will have to treat the act of defiance as treason, and kill him on the spot. Surprisingly, Gowther calmly wonders that his magic would be wasted if he fought Zeldoris.

Just when the battle between Zeldoris and Gowther seems inevitable, King Dolor steps in, and asks the two Gowthers to run away while he handles the executioner. Concerned, Gowther asks Diane to step down, but the latter refuses. The Giant King refuses to budge and says that for Gowther to stop the Holy War, he must be protected. After the real and puppet Gowther grudgingly accept, Zeldoris realizes he will have to fight the Giant King.


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While observing the Giant King’s excellent physique, Zeldoris concludes that he must be a member of Stigma Warriors. Interestingly, to take on the executioner, the Giant King begins the “Dance of Dolor,” a battle dance that allows him to garner a “massive amount of Earth Magic.”

Shockingly, after the Giant King challenges Zeldoris to a fair fight, the latter quickly renders the Stigma Warrior immobile and defenseless by jumping on his chest. The Giant King quickly tries to retaliate with the “Gaia Form” attack, but that too fails completely. While Diane is in shock, Zeldoris explains that he has sealed the king’s magic. Interestingly, Zeldoris promises that he will return or reactive the magic within the king shortly.

Zeldoris reveals that he has become so powerful because the Demon King has lent his magic power to him, and hence the executioner is the Demon King’s representative. Shockingly, Zeldoris asks Diane to choose between joining The Ten Commandments or death. The executioner reveals that the underworld is quite impressed with King Gloxinia and King Dolor, and it wants the duo to join the Ten Commandments. Zeldoris promises that the duo would be granted even more power than what they presently wield, if they join them.

It is amply clear that whatever choice Diane makes, he will never be the same. As an attempt to ease the Giant King’s mind, Zeldoris notes that Dolor has been bestowed with two things: a unique power, and isolation. It is clear that Zeldoris is trying to play on the Giant King’s insecurities when the former notes that the latter’s extraordinary physical stature that included some special physical features forced him to be isolated. Others even called him a freak because of the two extra arms and avoided contact because unlike the Stigma Warriors, Diane hated battles. However, since the Stigma Warriors valued strength above everything else, Diane was eventually respected for his physique, and even celebrated as the Giant King.

Zeldoris continues to emotionally burden the Giant King by claiming the latter doesn’t have a single friend or companion who truly understands him from the heart. As the Demon Clan too is treated as different, the Giant King would be an ideal candidate to pledge his allegiance, observes Zeldoris.

Fortunately, before Diane is forced to make a rather horrible choice, she wakes up. Given the fact that she wasn’t supposed to wake up in the first place, let alone make a choice, the Giant King and the Fairy King appear quite surprised. Diane reveals that she ran away before she was forced to decide. After waking up, Diane offers a big kiss to the King. Chapter 215 of The Seven Deadly Sins manga ends with a question: “What in the world happened to Diane while she was off on her own?” The last panel also indicates that the duo have come a lot closer and perhaps may get intimate soon.

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