Will Carmelo Anthony And Lala Split, Mia Burks Pregnancy Rumors Cause New York Knicks Star To Trade Teams?

Phil Jackson recently revealed that the New York Knicks are ready to part ways with Carmelo Anthony but one thing stands in their way; Carmelo’s no trade clause. Carmelo had been set on staying in New York in order to appease his wife, Lala Anthony and her wishes to stay based in NYC for her career and so that their son Kiyan wouldn’t have to be uprooted.

Now with the revelation that Carmelo allegedly cheated on Lala and got a stripper named Mia Burks pregnant, the former power couple have split up and we can’t help but wonder if Carmelo will agree to be traded now that his life in New York has fallen apart.

On Monday, it was reported by TMZ that Carmelo Anthony and Lala split and are now living separately in New York City. It was initially reported that the source of Carmelo and Lala’s stress may have been the pressure of Carmelo’s most recent NBA season while playing with the New York Knicks and the constant trade rumors that have plagued him.

Soon after reports broke that Carmelo Anthony and Lala split, it was also revealed that the Knicks star’s separation from his actress wife was likely fueled by infidelity. Rumors that a stripper named Mia Burks was Carmelo Anthony’s side piece and was also pregnant with his child began to circulate and the picture of why Lala decided to leave her marriage after seven years became much more clear.


Carmelo Anthony has said in the past that he has no plans to leave the New York Knicks because of his family’s wish to remain living in the city. Carmelo has said in the past that his family was his number one priority and their happiness is what helps him determine where he will play in the NBA. Carmelo even proved as much after Phil Jackson made it clear that he wasn’t even wanted on the Knicks team anymore, but that a trade couldn’t be made due to his no trade clause.

“We’ve not been able to win with him on the court at this time and the direction of our team is that he is a player that would be better somewhere else,” Jackson said last week.

The New York Daily News recently suggested that Carmelo Anthony might still not choose to leave the New York Knicks due to his close bond with 10-year old son Kiyan. Just days after learning of the Carmelo Anthony and Lala split, it was also learned that the separated couple still managed to stay friendly for the sake of their son and had recently attended one of his basketball games together despite their troubled personal life.

So far, Carmelo Anthony still hasn’t responded to Phil Jackson’s statement that his New York Knicks star should leave the team. Carmelo also hasn’t given any indication that he plans to waive the no-trade clause and make his NBA move soon. However, due to Carmelo Anthony and Lala’s split, fans are wondering if this is what he needs in order to move to another state and possibly play for a team where his talents can be better utilized while the New York Knicks regroup and try to build their team around younger players like their rising star Kristaps Porziņgis.

Ironically, one of Carmelo Anthony’s biggest supporters in the New York Knicks trade debacle happens to be Kristaps Porziņģis, who is not happy with the way that Phil Jackson outed Carmelo to the press. While Carmelo continues to drag his feet about a possible trade to another NBA team, Kristaps is rumored to want out.

Do you think Carmelo Anthony and Lala’s split coupled with the Mia Burks pregnancy rumors and Phil Jackson’s comments that the New York Knicks should part ways with their longtime headliner mean that Carmelo might actually agree to a trade? Tell us what you think of the personal and professional drama Carmelo Anthony is dealing with in New York and whether he should continue playing for the Knicks next season.

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