Is ‘Teen Mom 2’s Javi Marroquin Dating ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Briana DeJesus’ Sister Brittany?

Javi Marroquin is best known for his appearance on Teen Mom 2, as the ex-husband of controversial Kailyn Lowry and father to her son Lincoln, 3. Last season, viewers were treated to quite the drama as Javi and Kail battled over their divorce and fought for custody of the kids. The young reality star came home from deployment in Qatar to find that his wife wanted a divorce.

Javi Marroquin’s ex, Kailyn Lowry, is now pregnant with a third child, although the father remains a mystery. Javi says he heard about her shocking pregnancy through their son, Lincoln, 3.

Rumors ignited recently that the pair may have been working on a reconciliation when he was spotted in Kailyn’s snapchats, teaching ex-stepson, Isaac, 7, how to ride a two wheeler bike. Fans of Javi Marroquin and Kail’s relation were hopeful, especially since during the last season Teen Mom 2, Kailyn was so angry with Javi that she wouldn’t even allow him to throw away his trash in the house. This lead to Javi coming into the house without permission, and Kail to try and call the police on him.

It seems the pair have been able to work things out in order to be there for their kids, but the rumors that love is in the air are likely false. Kailyn has recently tweeted that she’s likely meant to be single.

Still, Javi Marroquin seems to still have positive feelings for his ex-wife, as he recently defended her over the allegations that a lesbian sex tape featuring his former bride was in existence. He blasted the rumors, stating that he didn’t believe the mother of his child would do something like that.

It also appears Javi Marroquin is making good on his promise to continue his relationship with ex-stepson, Isaac. Isaac, who is Kailyn’s son from her relationship with Jo Rivera, was incredibly heartbroken by the split and called Javi his “other dad.” Javi promised to continue to see Isaac, despite the split, so it appears that helping him learn to ride a bike is one of the ways he’s fulfilling the promise to the boy who looks up to him so much.

Javi Marroquin was recently linked to Real World alum Madison Walls, but their relationship was over barely before it begun, fading out as soon as it was made official on social media.

Now, new speculation is occurring that Javi Marroquin may actually be dating Teen Mom 3‘s Briana DeJesus’ sister, Brittany. The rumors have come about due to several Snapchat stories on his, Briana DeJesus’ and Brittany’s Snapchats, showing the three on vacation together. Javi Marroquin has particularly been taking photos of and with Brittany, leading to the suggestion that the pair may actually be more than friends.

Man and woman smiling in bar
Javi Marroquin on vacation with the DeJesus girls [Image by Javi Marroquin/Snapchat]
Man in elevator with suitcase
Briana DeJesus snaps Javi Marroquin on vacation. [Image by Briana DeJesus/Snapchat]

Briana DeJesus will be joining Javi Marroquin and the rest of the Teen Mom 2 cast as an additional storyline, to which several of the current cast members have mixed emotions. Some speculate that this is because Chelsea Houska will be lessening her role on the series in order to create a more private and balanced family life. Therefore, Briana DeJesus will be adding drama to the mix.

If Javi Marroquin and Brittany DeJesus are, indeed, dating, it would add an extra crossover element that the Teen Mom franchise has yet to have seen in a storyline. Although Chelsea Houska has hung out with Leah Messer’s ex, Jeremy Calvert, it was not a major storyline on the series since the pair are obviously not romantically linked.

Perhaps Javi Marroquin and Brittany DeJesus dating would add some extra drama that would make the series even more must-see TV for the fans.

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