‘RHOA’ Season 9 Reunion Part 2: Phaedra Parks And Kandi Burruss Argue Over Old Lady Gang, Apollo Nida Divorce

The RHOA Season 9 Reunion part 2 airs on Bravo tonight and this part of the four part reunion show is already proving to be full of drama. According to previews released by Bravo, one of the most shocking exchanges that Real Housewives of Atlanta fans can look forward to is the face-off between Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss. It turns out that these two didn’t exactly squash their beef and they aren’t on neutral ground as previously though and it’s all about to come to light in tonight’s reunion show episode.

It all started when Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss began arguing about Mama Joyce and her interest in Phaedra’s marriage and divorce from Apollo Nida. When Phaedra announced that she was divorcing Apollo, Mama Joyce went to great lengths to try and figure out if Phaedra could file for and be granted a divorce while her estranged husband was in prison.

UsMagazine reported that Phaedra Parks told Andy Cohen that it was “deplorable” for Mama Joyce to stick her nose so far into Phaedra’s divorce business. Instead, she suggested that Kandi Burruss’ mother spends her extra time working on the Old Lady Gang restaurant that, at the timing of the RHOA Season 9 reunion part 2 taping, had not been opened.

“I’m like, Why are you so concerned with what’s going on in my life?” Phaedra Parks asked. “It’s been so many things that her mom has said and done.”

“Your restaurant that’s not open — she could be working on that.”

“Um, we are opening this week, sweetheart.” Kandi Burruss shot back. “Please… I know you already be trying to do your calling and trying to figure what we’re doing, and so you can hate on us to people that you know down at the city. Obviously, she’s talked to somebody to try to do stuff, to have them come at me about bulls**t.”


Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss have been sparring since it was revealed that Kandi and Todd were hiding some of Apollo Nida’s recreational vehicles in their garage while he is incarcerated. It was just after Kandi and Phaedra discussed the garaged vehicles during an old RHOA episode that Kandi and Todd received a visit from the feds in order for them to retrieve the expensive toys so they could sell them and recover some of the money that Apollo Nida owes after his most recent fraud convictions.

Kandi suspected that Phaedra snitched and had her home visited, which caused a rift in their friendship and now that drama is all coming to a head on Real Housewives of Atlanta as the women hash things out during part two of the Season 9 RHOA reunion show.


In the final episodes of Season 9, RHOA showed Phaedra Parks’ involvement in a lawsuit against Kandi Burruss for unpaid wages. While Phaedra argued that she didn’t seek out Johnnie Winston and she wasn’t his legal representative. What Parks clearly left out is the fact that Johnnie is suing, she was at the meetings with other lawyers in her firm, and Johnnie is using Phaedra’s law firm in order to go after Kandi Burruss to receive the money he believes that he is owed.

Now Kandi is claiming that Phaedra Parks also worked to stop her Old Lady Gang restaurant from opening by using her contacts with the city to slow down or even stop the progress of getting her business up and running.


The RHOA Season 9 reunion part 2 episode airs on Bravo tonight at 8/7c.

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