Harry Styles On The Graham Norton Show: Liam Payne And I Did Not Get A Sexual Disease In Australia

Harry Styles was on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, where he finally debunked some of the weirder internet rumors about him and One Direction, while also confirming – sort of – a few other rumors. Among the stories Harry had to debunk were one about him having a sexual relationship with former President of the United States Barack Obama, and one about him and fellow One Direction member, Liam Payne, getting Chlamydia from none other than a Koala bear.

The Graham Norton Show is a long-running British talk show, hosted by British comedian Graham Norton. With his new solo album set to be released on May 12, Harry Styles is doing the TV rounds these days, and after performing on Saturday Night Live last week, he jumped over to the United Kingdom, to appear as a guest on Graham Norton’s red couch. During the show, Harry Styles’ new song, “Sign Of The Times,” was performed live.


However, after performing “Sign Of The Times”, Harry Styles also took part in a game where Graham would ask him about crazy (and not so crazy) internet rumors about him, with Harry having to keep a straight face. Graham and the other guests would then have to try and “read” Harry’s expressions, and deduce whether the rumor is true or false.

The first rumor Harry Styles had to respond to was about him taking a carrot cake to a Fleetwood Mac concert. That was an easy one, though, with Harry quickly admitting he likes carrot cakes as well as Fleetwood Mac. The next rumor, however, was an even stranger one.

“You and Liam got Chlamydia from a Koala bear.”

Harry tried staying silent for this one, but just couldn’t, and then asked to confirm that the rumor is not true. This strange rumor was started in 2012, as The Mirror reported back then. Harry Styles and Liam Payne were visiting Australia, where they both cuddled a Koala bear – a cute animal native to the region.

The Koala bear, unfortunately, proceeded to pee on the two One Direction members, and it was later revealed that the Koala might have had Chlamydia, so Harry and Liam were allegedly told that they should get checked out. Upon hearing the news, Liam Payne was reportedly very concerned.

“I’m genuinely scared. This is worrying. I’d have never picked the thing up if I’d known.”

While Harry and Liam did indeed cuddle a Koala bear in Australia, and there’s a good chance the animal did indeed pee on them, it’s good to hear Harry finally debunking the sexual disease story.

Another crazy rumor brought up by Graham Norton, was that of Harry Styles having a sexual relationship with none other than Barack Obama. Harry was pretty hilarious with his response.

“I’m legally not allowed to say. Damn it hurts!”

The rumor about Harry Styles having sex with Barack Obama was started in 2014, when a fake cover of the National Examiner was being shared on social media. According to the fake tabloid cover, Barack Obama “hid his gay lifestyle,” and had sex “with THIS man” – pointing to a photo of Harry Styles.


As internet rumors about celebrities often go, it’s now more than two years later, and Harry Styles still has this rumor following him around, but at least we got a laugh out of it on The Graham Norton show.

There was one rumor, however, that Harry was struggling to deny – the one about him auditioning for the part of the young Han Solo on the upcoming Star Wars prequel. While Harry did not specifically confirm or deny the rumor, his facial expressions were pretty clear, and the other guests took it as a “Yes.”

In addition to talking about all those internet rumors, Harry Styles also took to the stage and performed his new song, the hit single “Sign Of The Times.” Nailing the live performance, Harry’s fans were quick to congratulate him on social media, and the video of Harry performing his new song has already gathered more than 100,000 views on YouTube.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]