‘Dance Moms’ Rumor: Season 8 Happening With A Completely New Cast, No The Irreplaceables

Despite the recent major cast shakeups, Dance Moms will reportedly live to see another season. However, the hit Lifetime series will look and feel extremely different.

Filming for the second half of Dance Moms Season 7 has just concluded. Producer Bryan Stinson took to Twitter to revel in the milestone while hinting it will not be the show’s last run.

“That’s a wrap on season 7. 208 hours of Dance Moms programming. Season 7 was heaven. Season 8 will be [great].”

Stinson happens to be one of the first people who confirmed that Dance Moms Season 7B was happening in the midst of reports that the long-running reality series was canceled.

That being said, it goes to show that he has knowledge of what is being talked about behind the scenes, which is no surprise since he is one of the producers of Dance Moms. Taking into account his post, it looks like Lifetime is not done with the show just yet.

Many have cast doubt on a Season 8 renewal for Dance Moms after Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) founder Abby Lee Miller left the series during the Season 7B filming with choreographer Gianna Martello, Brynn Rumfallo, Maesi Caes and mini team dancers Elliana Walmsley and Lilliana Ketchman following suit.

A lot of fans do not believe that Dance Moms can survive without them although many held out hope that Chloe Lukasiak, Nia Sioux, Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes and Camryn Bridges — having adopted the new name The Irreplaceables — staying behind and coached by Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke will be enough to keep the show alive.


Unfortunately, Vertes has already hinted her departure from Dance Moms. She will appear in Season 7B, but the star is not expected to take part in Season 8 if there will be one.

New rumors, however, suggest that Vertes is not the only one leaving. The latest buzz in the Dance Moms scene is that Season 8 is pushing through, but no member of The Irreplaceables will stay behind.

Burke is reportedly not coming back as coach as well. Instead, the Dance Moms producers are putting together a new group of dancers, some of whom appeared in the show’s previous seasons.

One of these people is reportedly Sophia Lucia, who fans first saw in action in the third season of Dance Moms as a member of the replacement team put together by Abby Lee Miller after the elite group protested against her.

Sophia’s appearance on the show was short-lived as the group was eventually disbanded in that same season. However, as she eventually revealed to On the Spot Interviews, her reason for leaving Dance Moms was to take care of her grandfather, who suffered a heart attack.

Apart from Sophia, Dance Moms Season 8 will reportedly also feature Fallon Chapman, who appeared in two episodes of the series (once in the third season and another in the fourth season) as a guest dancer for ALDC.

Also, photos of Stinson with a group of new girls believed to be his new recruits for the show also surfaced on Instagram courtesy of DidYouJustAssumeMyGender, who claimed that the Dance Moms producer is indeed putting together a whole new team for Dance Moms Season 8.

There is no confirmation yet that The Irreplaceables are not appearing in Dance Moms Season 8. Nia Sioux, however, did indicate in an interview with Hollywire TV that her contract will expire after the current season.

If Dance Moms Season 8 is indeed happening with a completely new ensemble, it is unclear at the moment how fans who followed the show since the beginning will feel about such a big change.

Viewers have grown attached to the original cast members whom they have watched grow up over the past few years. Seeing a new crop of dancers might affect the chances of Dance Moms in staying on the air.

However, it also gives the opportunity for the show to get a much-needed fresh start in Dance Moms Season 8 following the drama behind the scenes that led to the departure of many cast members.

[Featured Image by Lifetime]