Drake Denies Layla Lace Pregnancy Claims, Says It’s Impossible Because Of This

Layla Lace recently came forward with claims that she was pregnant with Drake’s baby. The model claimed that the “Hotline Bling” rapper knocked her up while he was visiting London. Now, all of the sudden, all of Layla Lace’s pregnancy claims waged at Drake have been removed from her social media, leaving everyone to wonder exactly what happened.

According to TMZ, Drake wasn’t even worried about the Layla Lace pregnancy drama. They reported that the claims that Layla was making about Drake being the father of her baby were so insane that he didn’t even respond to them. Where Drake would normally send his team in to do damage control in a case like this, Layla Lace didn’t even elicit that level of concern and the reason why is because Drake has never even met her before.

That’s right, Drake and his team claim that Layla Lace was making up the Drake pregnancy rumors to garner attention for herself but that she never even had sex with Drake, to begin with.

Drake is a known ladies’ man and has had high-profile flings with Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Serena Williams. He also has a thing for strippers and strip clubs, which is what made the Layla Lace story seem so plausible.

Last week, Layla Lace took to Instagram where she wrote, “So I guess still in this era this is the new thing that after you tell a dude you pregnant they stop answering they phone!!!! One lesson I have learned out of the whole situation is to never be so naive when a guy disrespect you!! I should have ran for the hills but no I felt (sic) for the ‘Good Guy’ image that this a**hole portrayed to be. What a #Fraud I feel so stupid!!! I never told this man ‘No’ I did everything he told me to do Smfh!!!!”

Layla Lace claimed to have had a fling with Drake earlier this year according to the Heavy. Lace has since deleted the posts she made about being pregnant with Drake’s baby and even went so far as to make her Instagram account private. It looks like Layla Lace’s attempt to garner a few headlines and some more social media followers blew up in her face. She wasn’t able to erase the evidence of her pregnancy claims, though, and the full content of the Drake pregnancy allegations can be seen here.

Layla Lace’s downfall happened after DJ Spade came forward with proof that the whole Drake pregnancy scandal was all fake. He showed text messages between himself and Layla Lace where she admitted she was just trying to get her hands on Drake’s money. There was even a point where DJ Spade warned, “they gon hate you” and she said she didn’t care because she would get Drake’s money and she would also make money just from the exposure of claiming to be pregnant with Drake’s child.

Apparently, Layla Lace thought that claiming to have an affair with Drake as well as telling the world that she was pregnant would get her the level of fame that Bernice Burgos has been able to achieve ever since her alleged affair with T.I. was revealed. The problem is, Layla Lace’s Instagram is private now, and she was busted for making claims against Drake within days of her attempt at a celebrity money grab, so she actually didn’t make anything from the scheme at all.

It sure seems like Layla Lace went to great lengths to get the public to believe she was pregnant with Drake’s baby. Especially since he claims he never even had sex with the stripper-turned-Instagram model. Do you think now that Layla Lace has been busted for her pregnancy scheme that Drake should take legal action or should the rapper just keep ignoring her as he has been doing?

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]