Cameron Diaz’s Unusual Links To Britney Spears And Zoella

Nobody can resist reposting a tomato when they see one. Not even Britney Spears.

Now Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz have two things in common. In addition to having dated Justin Timberlake, Spears and Diaz have the identical, same photo of tomatoes on their Instagram pages.

On Tuesday, Britney Spears decided to take to Instagram to proclaim her love for her garden. And while the “Toxic” singer could have featured any photo of any vegetable or fruit, she chose the picture of tomatoes that Cameron Diaz posted last summer.

It’s been 42 weeks and nearly 40,000 likes since Cameron Diaz posted the snap on Instagram, but Britney Spears decided to repost the Instagram picture after all this time, sparking a speculation that Spears may have moved on from her breakup from Justin Timberlake and that she doesn’t hold a grudge against Diaz for dating Timberlake shortly after her 2002 split from the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” hitmaker, according to Mashable.

It’s been more than a decade since Cameron Diaz called it quits with Justin Timberlake, but many fans believe that Britney Spears still has feelings for Timberlake.

There’s no sensible explanation as to why Britney Spears decided to repost Cameron Diaz’s pic of tomatoes from last summer, but Diaz is currently a much-talked about person on social media – if the latest video posted by YouTube star Zoella is any indication.

Cameron Diaz is an infrequent Instagrammer, as she has posted only nine times since the tomatoes snap. In fact, her most recent Instagram photo was a selfie taken on Election Day last November.

So Britney Spears didn’t just repost a Cameron Diaz photo that she saw on her newsfeed on Instagram – she actually posted a photo that is 42 weeks old.

Britney Spears could be checking on Cameron Diaz as she still cannot forgive Diaz for dating her ex Justin Timberlake. And people do it from time to time with love interests of their exes – checking their social media pages to fuel their hatred.

But Britney Spears went one step further and reposted the tomatoes photo of Cameron Diaz, who some of her fans believe had stolen Justin Timberlake from Spears. Spears has two sons from her marriage with Kevin Federline and is seemingly in a happy relationship with a handsome dancer boyfriend.

So reposting a snap originally posted by an ex of her ex could be a way to show that she’s moved on from Justin Timberlake.

In fact, Britney Spears is reportedly ending her hit Las Vegas residency this December because she’s is ready to become a mom again, according to Radar Online citing its sources.

Britney Spears’s Las Vegas residency gig has been quite successful, and maybe the “Toxic” singer needs a lesson or two from Cameron Diaz about coping with overwhelming success and fame.

YouTube star Zoella recently made headlines when she claimed Cameron Diaz coached her over Skype to help cope with overwhelming success and fame, according to the Sun.

In her latest video posted on YouTube, the famous vlogger Zoella revealed that Cameron Diaz had given her some priceless advice on dealing with the spotlight.

“It was such a huge help, she Skyped me for like an hour and a half and we just talked and she coached me.”

Zoella also added that it meant “the world to me” that Cameron Diaz had found time to speak to her and give her a few lessons to help cope with the overwhelming success and fame.

In fact, Metro reported that Cameron Diaz’s advice to Zoella came at a point when Zoella was considering quitting Youtube altogether.

“A couple of years ago, I actually very nearly stopped [filming]… When I was struggling with that stuff, Cameron Diaz actually Skyped me. And that is something I’ve never shared before, but it was such a huge help.”

Zoella, who boasts nearly 12 million subscribers on YouTube, described Cameron Diaz as “honestly just one of the loveliest people in the world.”

In other news, Zoella has come under fire for encouraging her viewers to vote in the upcoming general election. The Sun reported that Zoella, along with other vloggers and bloggers, are using the #bloggerswhovote hashtag to reach out to their audience, but not everyone thinks they’ve got their followers’ bests interests at heart.

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