Mel B’s Former Nanny Claims Lured Into 7-Year Sexual Relationship With Spice Girl And Husband

Former nanny for Spice Girl Mel B — aka Scary Spice — claims in a new suit, and a new twist to the singer’s divorce proceedings, that she was lured into a 7-year sexual relationship with the star when she was a young and naive 18-year-old.

Lorraine Gilles has unveiled a whole new potential layer to the life of Mel B, by filing documents in a recent suit. The documents allege that Gilles was seduced in her teens and was thrown into a sexual relationship for nearly a decade with the singer, and encounters that occasionally involved threesomes that included Melanie Brown’s husband, Stephen Belafonte.

Metro shares the claims that have been included in the court filing against Mel B and her estranged husband.

“Gilles’ sexual and employment relationship with Brown continued for approximately seven years. The couple had sex sporadically, sometimes having sex multiple times in a week and at other times going months without sex.. Belafonte was not present during most of the sexual encounters between Gilles and Brown.”

The documents filed by Gilles’ lawyer insist that Belafonte never engaged in any sexual encounters with the now-27-year-old, without the consent of the singer.

“Indeed, at no point did Gilles and Belafonte engage in any sexual acts without Brown’s knowledge or participation. The only times Gilles and Belafonte had sex was when Brown herself invited her husband to join the couple in the bedroom, at which point Brown would often serve as the ‘camera man’ and record the sexual encounter and/or take part in the menage a trois herself.”

The new suit filed by Gilles comes after allegations were made in the bitter divorce and custody battle between Mel B and Belafonte that include claims that the singer’s husband impregnated their nanny and then paid for her abortion. Gilles states that this is untrue and that she became pregnant by way of a one night stand. The former nanny, however, does admit that the couple paid for the abortion.

The legal actions by Gilles is a defamation of character suit after she believes she has been painted as a “homewrecker, prostitute, and extortionist” after Mel B “maliciously [described] Gilles as being impudent, unscrupulous, and exploitive.”

TMZ shares the initial meeting of Gilles and the couple.

“Gilles says in her defamation lawsuit, Mel B explained to her shortly after coming to America she and Belafonte had an open relationship. That was around the time Mel B, then 34, got her drunk and then had a 3-way with Gilles and Belafonte.”

Additionally, Mel B has claimed that both Belafonte and Gilles have sought to extort her with the sex tapes she is said to have created during the threesome encounters. Gilles has responded to this insisting that she is not in possession of any of the tapes, noting that it was Mel B who would operate the camera and had access to the tapes.

Metro also notes recent claims that Rita Ora was asked to be a part of a threesome with the former couple back in 2014, yet the singer declined the offer.

Stephen Belafonte is in the process of attempting to win custody of his children seeing as his two daughters have been with Mel B for the past three weeks. His legal team relay various interactions between Belafonte and his children.

“The girls told him: ‘Mommy is really mad at you and that’s why she won’t let us come and see you,’ as well as receiving a string of text messages from Angel in which she said ‘Where are you?’ and ‘I love you’ next to a crying emoji.”

As noted, Mel B is 1/5th of the girl group and has a net worth of an estimated $33 million.

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