‘Veep’ Season 6 Episode 2 Preview: What’s Next For Selina In The New Season’s Second Episode?

HBO’s critically-acclaimed political comedy Veep returned for its sixth season last week, providing viewers with their first glimpse of Selina Meyer’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) life post-presidency. The second episode in the new season will air tonight on HBO, but what’s next for Selina Meyer and her gang of inept former employees?

This article contains potential spoilers for Veep Season 6 Episode 2.

According to TV Guide, the upcoming episode will follow Selina and her new smaller entourage of Gary (Tony Hale) and Richard (Sam Richardson) as they visit the opening of President Hughes’ library. Although President Hughes is never actually seen in the HBO series, the former president is regularly referenced as Selina’s old boss when she served as vice president in the show’s first three seasons, before ascending to the presidency herself following Hughes’ resignation.

The visit to President Hughes’ presidential library leaves Selina thinking about a library of her own and whether or not she’ll be granted one. In HBO’s preview trailer for the upcoming episode, Selina, who served as president for just one year following her predecessor’s resignation, references John F. Kennedy’s presidential library, with Selina claiming that he, like her, was also a part-term president. However, Kennedy, who served as the 35th president between 1961 and 1963 was assassinated half way through his term.

Selina’s former Director of Communications and White House Press Secretary Mike McLintock (Matt Walsh) rejoined her entourage at the end of last week’s episode. Whether or not McLintock will join them in this week’s episode remains to be seen, however, in an interview with Uproxx, actor Matt Walsh revealed that his character is fairly content as a father in the new season.

Meanwhile, the rest of the former-Meyer entourage remains spread across the country. Jonah (Timothy Simmons) receives some critical advice about his own political career from his two political advisors, Ben (Kevin Dunn) and Kent (Gary Cole), who both previously worked in the Meyer White House prior to her election defeat.


‘Veep’ Season 6 Preview: What’s Next For Selina Meyer And Her Inept Staff?

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In New York and Nevada, two of Selina’s most ambitious former staffers, Dan (Reid Scott) and Amy (Anna Chlumsky) are still trying to further their own political careers. Amy, now running a gubernatorial campaign for her boyfriend, Buddy Calhoun (Matt Oberg), releases an attack ad against the candidate’s wishes. Meanwhile, Dan is still trying to escape the clutch of his fellow news anchor Jane (Margaret Colin) after learning that she’s ditched a number of her former co-hosts and effectively ruined their careers.

After Selina’s hopes of running for the presidency again were squashed in last week’s season premiere, exactly where the show will head in its sixth season now remains to be seen. However, fans of the show on Reddit have pieced together what they believe will happen by the end of the current season.

That's a season 6 wrap on #Kevindunn whom I love, love, love!!@veepHBO #veep

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The theory claims that now Selina’s long-time political ally Roger Furlong (Dan Bakkedahl) is house minority leader, their party will retake control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections. When Furlong becomes speaker, he will call another house vote to decide the presidency, which will decidedly return Selina to the White House. The theory is further supported by a photograph shared on Instagram by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, which shows the actress and Kevin Dunn filming a scene for the upcoming season in the White House.

Exactly where Veep is headed in its sixth and current season remains to be seen, however, we’ll likely know more following the second episode, which airs tonight on HBO.

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