‘Famous In Love’ Co-Stars Bella Thorne, Carter Jenkins Are Flirting – Gregg Sulkin Still Has Feelings For Her

Bella Thorne and Carter Jenkins are reportedly flirting openly on social media platforms. The Famous In Love co-stars are doing heavy promotion of their recently launched television series. However, they are not seeming to leave chances to be there for each other.

The former Disney star is playing the role of Paige and Jenkins is portraying the role of one of the lovers, Rainer Devon. Another lover of Paige, Jake Salt, is being portrayed by Charlie DePew. Fans already have a favorite out of the two contenders with most of them calling for #TeamRainer and #Raige, short for Rainer and Paige.


Recently, the 25-year-old actor even showed his love for the Famous In Love co-star on Twitter. The Valentine’s Day actor offered to bring coffee and a hug for his co-star, to which Thorne replied sweetly. They both seem to have amazing chemistry onscreen.


Not only this, the 19-year-old actress even asked fans for their opinion about Jenkins’ character, Rainer. Even, Thorne and Jenkins want Paige and Rainer to keep dating. Carter even compared the two characters to Fifty Shades.


The Famous In Love co-stars, who are now fondly called Raige by fans, really want Paige and Rainer to hook up. During their recent interview with TV Guide, Jenkins and Thorne said that they support Team Rainer and only DePew supported Team Jake. Carter thinks that the onscreen couple already has a couple-like name now and for that Paige should choose Rainer.

“I heard someone say that they’re Team Take Some Time for Yourself and that might be good for [Paige], but I am biased. I think that she should go for Raige. Paige and Rainer make the ship name Raige and for that reason alone she should choose Rainer, obviously.”

Even Thorne wants Paige to date Rainer. She thinks he understands her, unlike Jake.

“Personally, I always root for Raige and I think that because Rainer understands the business. You see Jake throughout the season, and Cassie, not really understanding what you have to go through and that a job is a job… whereas Rainer can be like ‘Ok, yeah, yeah, I know what you’re going through.’ And as me, going through that in my personal life, I feel like that’s always kind of a more understanding side.”

Thorne and Jenkins have not officially stated that they are dating or interested in each other. Their fan-following would definitely like to see them together soon.

However, it is reported by Hollywood Life that Gregg Sulkin and Bella Thorne still have feelings for each other but Disney’s Shake It Up actress would like to date someone new now and has friend-zoned Sulkin.

“They still have feelings for each other, but they are only friends and she really respects that he is in her corner because he is such a great friend. She is single and liking the chance to date around and not stick to one guy and is very happy that Gregg is still a great friend.”

bella thorne gregg sulkin breakup
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In addition, Thorne does not think that dating in Hollywood is any fun. She revealed to Entertainment Tonight that “dating in Hollywood is literally the worst thing.”

“People are really crazy on social and, unfortunately, I date people that have girls, like, in love with them. They’re, like, really in love with them and they want to kill me. Literally, I was getting death threats, full-on death threats on Twitter.”

The former Disney star has stated that she is currently single. Famous In Love Season 1 is now available to stream and will also feature on Freeform on every Tuesday.

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